SCOMathon Special Offer

Get SquaredUp SCOM Edition dashboards free for 3 months!

Transform SCOM into one of the most visible and valuable tools in your IT organization

Hello SCOMathoners!

We’ve got exciting news.

Because you attended SCOMathon, you can now get SquaredUp SCOM Edition free for 3 months! All with an unlimited dashboarding experience and no strings attached.

The free SCOMathon 3 month license of SquaredUp SCOM Edition includes:

  • Full SCOM integration: dashboard all availability and infrastructure monitoring from any management pack
  • Enterprise Application Monitoring: configure URL, TCP/IP and PowerShell-based availability monitoring of applications using SCOM
  • Integrations: extend your dashboards with data from ServiceNow, Azure Log Analytics and App Insights and more
  • Open Access: publish secure, scalable, interactive dashboards to anyone in the organization
  • Embeddable: publish to SharePoint and other portals that support embeddable HTML content
  • Mobile support: responsive HTML5 web interface for access from any device

You can register for the SCOMathon Special Offer by using the form below:

squaredup version 5.0

New Features

Improved Dashboard Designer experience

With our new intuitive templates, you don’t have to be a designer to whip up a beautiful dashboard that surfaces the metrics you need.

Interactive Open Access dashboards

Our shared dashboards are now fully interactive, like the rest of our dashboards. Share that next level of detail with the rest of your organization at no extra cost.

New 360° tools for powerful monitoring

Add even more context to SCOM and Azure with our new Web API visualizations for your external data sources, including Solarwinds, Pingdom, New Relic, Dynatrace and more.

SCOMathon Special Offer

Love it, wish SCOM itself was as good at its job as SquaredUp

Andrew Parsons, ICT Infrastructure Officer, Dorset Council


Is this really free?

Yes, you will not be charged for this free 3 month license and you do not have to make any commitment for a paid license.

How does this free 3 month license compare with your paid licenses?

The free SCOMathon 3 month license is equivalent to our EAM edition. The EAM edition is currently available for a minimum of 10 Named Users for $12,990/year. EAM Named Users have full access to all features in SquaredUp, including dashboard authoring, drilldowns, performance reporting, alert management, unlimited shared dashboards, integrations with all SQL and Web API data sources, and unlimited availability monitoring. We also offer Teams and Connect editions. See our pricing page for details.

How does SquaredUp compare to SCOM’s built-in dashboards?

SquaredUp dashboards are designed to make it as easy as possible to share your SCOM monitoring data. That means:

  • An effortless dashboard authoring experience – it only takes minutes to publish a new dashboard.
  • The ability to share your dashboards with anyone, anywhere, at no extra cost.
  • A user experience for consuming dashboards that is simple and intuitive, allowing the user to focus on getting the information they need.

What happens when I sign up?

You will be redirected to the installer and receive an activation key for SCOMathon free license, valid for 3 months after activation. Our Support team will be fully available during this period.

What do I need before I can use SquaredUp?

All you need is Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 or later. See For customers still running versions of SCOM with the Silverlight console, this is a simple way to get true HTML5 web-based access.

When will the SCOMathon free license expire?

We are currently making the free edition available until 31 July 2021. The SCOMathon free license is valid for 3 months after activation.

What happens at the end of the 3 months?

If you still require SquaredUp after the free 3 month period, you will need to move to a paid version.

Who is eligible for the SCOMathon 3 month license?

This offer is available to new trialists only.