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SquaredUp for SCOM

The essential dashboard solution for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

Despite its wealth of monitoring data, SCOM is often seen as a source of noisy alerting and can lack visibility of problems before they impact the business. SquaredUp for SCOM can transform SCOM into one of the most visible and highly valued tools in your IT organisation.

Our dashboards have transformed monitoring for enterprises worldwide

The secret to monitoring success? Getting your users engaged.

With inboxes drowning in alerts, many IT pros see SCOM as complex and noisy. Meanwhile, they lack the "eyes-on" visibility they need to keep their systems healthy and applications online.

That’s why we created SquaredUp  it’s the missing piece of the monitoring puzzle.

With fast, easy-to-use dashboards that can be customized to the exact needs of each team, from management to administrators, SquaredUp gets your teams engaged with monitoring. Engaged users leads to investment in getting the right monitoring. And getting the right monitoring leads to monitoring that works.

The result is IT teams that are in control, and systems that stay online.

Beautifully simple IT operations

Executive dashboards

Application dashboards

Infrastructure dashboards

Drilldown dashboards

Detailed analytics

Deep insights

Native SQL integration

Extended events

Stop the blame game

Status and uptime reporting

Provide real-time visibility of IT service levels to senior management and application stakeholders.

End-to-end application monitoring

Create custom dashboards for application teams to monitor every aspect, from end-user availability to database and host performance.

Proactive infrastructure monitoring

Enable each team to monitor the metrics and alerts that matter to them, tackling problems before they affect IT services.

Find answers interactively

Drill into any dashboard to explore the health and performance of individual resources and quickly locate root causes.

Analyze from different angles

Switch perspectives to study the detailed health and performance metrics each management pack provides.

Dig into difficult problems

Drill down multiple levels into application components such as individual databases to get deep insights.

Native SQL integration

With native SQL integration, you can see the metrics you care about in fully customizable, real-time views.

Extended Events

Surface valuable insights from data captured by SCOM and SQL Server Extended Events.

Stop the blame game

When things go slow, it’s not just the SQL performance that matters.

Our unique VADA technology leverages the SCOM agent to trace application dependencies and pinpoint root causes.

Available in 3 editions


Transforming SCOM couldn't be simpler. The Essentials edition gives you everything you need to publish and share custom HTML5 dashboards, use drilldowns to get to the root cause of issues, and unlock your SCOM data warehouse for powerful reporting and analytics.

  • No new database
  • Installs in 5 minutes
  • HTML5 Dashboard designer
  • Drilldowns and alert management
  • Lightning-fast performance reporting


Trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, SquaredUp is the complete dashboard solution for IT operations. From wall monitor to root cause analysis, from service desk to IT specialist, the Enterprise edition has you covered.

All the features of Essentials, plus:

  • Visio diagrams and custom visualizations
  • External data integrations such as ServiceNow
  • Team Folders for access control
  • Unlimited Open Access users
  • High availability architecture

Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM)

When we see monitoring really succeed, it's when IT is thinking about applications, not infrastructure. Your business doesn't care about high CPU, it cares about IT services that enable your end users to perform their best work.

SquaredUp EAM extends SCOM to make mapping and monitoring your business applications as easy as creating a dashboard.

All the features of Enterprise, plus:

  • Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)
  • Enterprise Application Designer
  • URL, TCP and PowerShell Availability Monitoring
  • Link dependency monitoring
  • Service status messages

How it works

  1. 1

    Install in 5 minutes

    SquaredUp is a web application that can be dropped into any SCOM management group – either directly on a management server, on an existing web console server or a dedicated server. It requires no new databases, Windows Services or agents, which means it can be installed in under 5 minutes. Simply point at your SCOM management server to start the data flowing.

  2. 2

    Start with out-of-the-box dashboards, then create your own

    SquaredUp automatically detects your installed management packs and offers Dashboard Packs with pre-configured dashboards and drilldown views. Out-of-the-box you have immediate access to every alert, object and performance metric stored in SCOM.

    Our powerful and intuitive Dashboard Designer makes creating custom dashboards and drilldowns a breeze. Choose your tile type, select your data from SCOM and configure the visualization all in our fully interactive, web-based visual editor.

  3. 3

    Publish to wall monitors and share with teams 

    Unlike the SCOM operations console, SquaredUp dashboards aren’t just for SCOM experts. They’re designed to be shared with everyone who needs visibility of your application and infrastructure monitoring. Using our Open Access feature, you can even publish live dashboards to an unlimited number of wall monitors or embedded web views, all for no additional cost.

Discover how the University of Birmingham transformed their monitoring


application dashboards created

We started looking at SquaredUp just hoping to deliver some high-level dashboards, only to discover we could use the same tool to automatically map our applications! It’s certainly delivered far more than we originally expected and provided almost instant ROI.

Peter Aston

IT Systems Specialist, University of Birmingham

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