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Microsoft showcase SquaredUp WAC extension at Windows Server Summit

Help make our extension even better by sharing your WAC usage with us through this 2-minute survey.

On May 22nd, more than 8,500 people gathered online for Microsoft’s long-anticipated Windows Server Summit (WSS) – the annual virtual event that covers the latest and greatest in all things Windows Server.

It is where industry experts announce and demo exciting new technologies every year – and we are happy to share that this year, SquaredUp’s Windows Admin Center (WAC) extension has earned a spot on the list, plus the Microsoft stamp of approval. (We have been named the providers of a “best-in-class monitoring experience”!)

WAC is the hottest new thing for Windows Server, and it featured as a key topic at the summit.

SquaredUp partners with Microsoft to release WAC extension

SquaredUp's WAC Extension single-pane-of-glass interface

In case you haven’t heard, SquaredUp now integrates with Windows Admin Center (formerly known as Project Honolulu) via our dedicated extension. With our extension, you can now bring long-term performance data, live application topologies and dependencies, application-awareness and even data from third-party tools like Splunk and ServiceNow directly into the context of server and cluster management that WAC provides – all through a fast, modern, intuitive, single-pane-of-glass UI!

At his presentation of our extension, Microsoft’s WAC expert Daniel Lee recommended SquaredUp as “a great solution for anyone who requires on premises space monitoring”. Daniel did a live demo of the extension, giving conference attendees an overview of how to navigate SquaredUp’s intuitive user interface. He especially likes our unique value app for app discovery and analysis, where users may perform the following functions from the current SQL server: discover applications that are connected to the server, discover web servers to build a map of application relationships, and even identify bottlenecks through the analyse tab that users can drill into for more detailed analysis.

Find the video and transcript below.

All your data in a single pane of glass

As one of the first five of Microsoft’s partners to extend into WAC, SquaredUp is excited about leading the journey towards a true single-pane-of-glass experience for the world of Enterprise IT.

While WAC brings a modernised, simplified, integrated and secure remote management experience to Windows Server, used with SquaredUp, you will be able to bring immense data from many disparate sources into one single experience – great for trending and analytics!

Why wait any longer? Give your WAC system an uplift and install the SquaredUp WAC extension now!

Experience SquaredUp for yourself – for free!

For the uninitiated, SquaredUp is a transformative operations console for Enterprise IT which connects to Microsoft’s powerful System Center Operations Manager (aka SCOM). We are fully dedicated to making your user experience simple and significantly more efficient.

Through stellar data visualisation, our master dashboards help you bypass SCOM’s complicated interface, distilling, surfacing and organising the metrics that matter from your swaths of valuable SCOM data.


If you use SCOM but don’t have SquaredUp, what are you waiting for? Join us in our mission to make Enterprise IT beautifully simple and get your free trial now.

For our savvy SquaredUp users who use WAC, further simplify your monitoring and download your SquaredUp WAC extension today.

Lastly, be a pal and tell us more about your WAC usage by taking this [quick survey]. It will greatly help us in our collaboration with Microsoft to potentially integrate WAC into SquaredUp too!

If you need on premises space monitoring, SCOM and SquaredUp are a great solution. When connecting to a server in WAC, the SquaredUp extension will show you alerts and performance metrics specific to the workload – in this case, a SQL server. You can also switch to other tabs to see alerts and metrics from different angles, such as the underlying windows server, memory details, Hyper-V VM it’s running on, or the Azure IS environment where this resides.

You can click on any of the charts to see details or go back in time to see anomalies, and this is all very performant in the UI. SquaredUp also provides a unique value app for app discovery and analysis. From the current SQL server, you can discover applications servers that are connected to the server, and then go beyond and discover the web servers to build a map of application relationships. Then you can switch to the analyse tab, which is really neat and helps identify bottlenecks that you can drill into for more detailed analysis.

Help make our extension even better by sharing your WAC usage with us through this 2-minute survey.