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Squared Up Community Edition is a special, free license that allows you to instantly transform your SCOM environment with blazingly fast HTML5 Dashboards, Web Console and interactive Performance Reporting, for up to 3 Named Users.

You can apply for a Community Edition license using the form below.



We apply a manual verification process to all Community Edition license requests - you can read more about that in the FAQs below – so to ensure you’re able to get up-and-running with Squared Up right away, we’ll immediately send you a 30 day license, enabled for all features and unlimited users. This can be very easily converted to a Community Edition license at a later stage.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered by the comprehensive FAQs below, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Edition FAQs

What features do I get?

The Community Edition is so functionally rich and powerful that it's actually easier for us to tell you which features you don't get; the only features not included in the Community Edition license are Open Access Dashboards, Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA), the SQL tile, the WebAPI tile & OMS Integration.

However, you'll still be able to trial all these features with the fully-featured, 30 day trial license that we'll send you initially.

How many users can use the Community Edition?

The Community Edition is licensed for 3 Named Users.

Are Named Users fixed or concurrent?

A Squared Up Named User license is assigned to a single, fixed user on a 1:1 basis. Squared Up does not have a concurrent user licensing model.

Can I display dashboards on a NOC-screen?

Yes, you can do this by using one of your three Named User licenses to display dashboards on a NOC-screen / display.

Can I publish dashboards to all my users?

No. In order to publish dashboards to multiple users you'll need our Open Access feature, which is only available with our Enterprise Starter Pack license and above. However, you will be able to try out this feature during your initial 30 day, fully-featured trial period.

Will you send me the Community Edition right away?

No, we manually verify all Community Edition license requests before issuing the license. However, immediately upon submitting your request, we will send you a fully-featured 30 day trial license so that you'll be able to get going with Squared Up right away.

At the end of this 30 day period you'll be offered the choice of;

(a) purchasing Squared Up - because we hope you'll think it's awesome and will want to roll it out to a lot more than three users


(b) continuing to use Squared Up with a 3 User Community Edition license instead.

Do I get support with my Community Edition license?

Your Community Edition license comes with full access to our rich, online KnowledgeBase at and also to our Community Answers platform at

In addition, during your initial 30 day trial period, we'll provide you with full support to make sure you're able to get up-and-running as quickly as possible and make the most of all the features Squared Up has to offer.

However, your Community Edition license does not include email or telephone support from us.

Are upgrades included?

Yes, customers running a Community Edition license will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Squared Up.

Is the Community Edition a perpetual or annual subscription license?

The CE license is a free annual subscription license. That means that the license we provide will be valid for 365 days and you will need to confirm that you do want to renew your subscription at the end of the term. However, there will be no charge / cost for renewing your Community Edition license.

I have multiple Management Groups, can I get multiple Community Edition licenses?

We reserve the right to only provide a single Community Edition license per customer. However, if you have multiple Management Groups and would like to request multiple Community Edition licenses accordingly, please write to us a [email protected] to let us know.

I don't want to let you know my company details, can I still get a Community Edition license?

No. We reserve the right to only issue Community Edition licenses to customers we can identify by their corporate email address and we won't provide Community Edition licenses to non-corporate email addresses (eg., etc).

However, if you just want to try Squared Up but don't want to provide your corporate details at this stage, that's fine, you can do so by requesting a trial licence via

Am I under any obligation to purchase?

No, the Community Edition licenses carried absolutely no obligation to purchase Squared Up either now or in the future and we will commit to renewing your company's Community Edition license free-of-charge in perpetuity.

Can I upgrade to a purchased license in future if I want?

Yes, if you do want to upgrade from a Community Edition to a purchased license at any stage in the future, this process is very straightforward and doesn't involve any technical disruption to your existing Squared Up deployment (all that's required is a simple license key change).

Can I deploy a Community Edition version of Squared Up in a HA / Load Balanced configuration?

No, the secondary licenses needed to achieve this are only available for Enterprise Starter Pack licenses or above.

Can I have a separate test / lab license to deploy in my test environment?

No, a test / lab license is included with the Enterprise Starter Pack and the Enterprise Application Monitoring edition but is not included with the Community Edition.

Can I use the Visio integration?

Yes, the Community Edition license includes our Visio integration.

Can a user access Squared Up on more than one device?

Yes. A Named User can roam across devices, but cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously.

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