Azure Edition

Powerful real-time dashboards designed for your Microsoft Azure applications.

SquaredUp for Azure Dashboard

Put yourself in control with our 360° application dashboards

SquaredUp for Azure minimize cost dashboard

Minimize cost

Lost track of what your application is costing?

Our dashboards helps you identify exactly which resources your application is using and then track their costs in real time. Which means you can understand and optimize your application’s use of your cloud resources before the bill arrives.

SquaredUp for Azure reduce downtime dashboard

Reduce downtime

Application knowledge often gets locked away in DevOps teams and IT administrators, slowing down your response to outages and incidents.

Reduce downtime by creating application dashboards for your 24×7 support teams to immediately spot issues and take action, getting your apps back online and your users back to work.

SquaredUp for Azure optimize performance dashboard

Optimize performance

Modern cloud applications can be complex and dynamic systems that require DevOps and support teams to maintain a detailed understanding of many different components.

Our drilldowns bring together data from all of your tools to help your teams quickly identify the root causes of complex performance issues.

Creating Azure dashboards with SquaredUp

Chief Product Officer, John Shaw, demonstrates how SquaredUp Azure Edition allows you to build dashboards that show what’s happening with the apps and services running in your Azure environment.

Discover how Intility put dashboards at the heart of their monitoring

We have used SquaredUp for many years. Their dashboard and extensibility really transformed how we do monitoring and dashboarding. SquaredUp Azure Edition lets us provide the same high-quality monitoring to our customers with workloads in Azure.

Martin Ehrnst
Azure Technical Lead, Intility, and Microsoft MVP, Cloud and Datacenter Management

Key features

Data visualizations designed for application dashboarding

We’ve designed a range of tiles to produce effective, informative and engaging application dashboards. Beyond just performance graphing, the tiles include the high-impact status blocks for wall monitors and the data-rich ‘matrix’ visualizations for monitoring multiple KPIs for your resources in a single compact table.

Native Azure integration with cross platform visibility

If you’re building on Azure, SquaredUp gives you the productivity and power of native integrations with the Azure APIs, combined with the flexibility to bring data in from external tools – integrating everything from service desk tickets on ServiceNow to security logs in Splunk.

Interactive dashboard designer

One of the features our customers love most is our interactive dashboard designer. The intuitive tile configuration makes it easy to get started and with dashboards that update as you edit, it’s easy to create the views exactly as you need them.

Powerful template-driven drilldowns

It’s not just dashboards – the dashboard designer also enables you to create custom drilldown views for your resources so that you always have the right information to get the job done. Need contact details from ServiceNow or logs from Splunk on every VM? No problem, add the tiles onto a template view for that resource type and they’ll appear every time you drilldown. Magic!

Built-in performance analytics

In-depth performance reporting and analytics is just one click away from any dashboard. Step into any dashboard performance tile to quickly explore baselines, trends and comparisons, giving you the tools to build insights from your performance data.

Collaboration and control with Team Folders

Just one of the features that makes SquaredUp enterprise-ready is Team Folders, allowing you to delegate dashboard authoring to individual teams and control who has view access. Team Folders integrates directly with Azure AD for hassle-free user management.

Unlimited sharing with Open Access

Open Access uses our unique server-side rendering technology, securely rendering dashboards which can be served up to non-interactive users such as wall monitors and embedded in other pages such as SharePoint.

How it works in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Deploy in minutes — no database required

Simply deploy SquaredUp from the Azure Marketplace and a dedicated VM is added to your subscription and ready to be accessed using your browser. SquaredUp integrates with Azure Active Directory and doesn’t require any new databases, so you’re ready to start dashboarding immediately.

Step 2

Instantly gain insights into your Azure resources

Out-of-the-box dashboards let you explore your Azure resources – from App Services to Virtual Machines – and understand their cost and performance using Azure Billing and Azure Monitor. Drilldowns take you from high level dashboards of your subscription resources all the way to detailed status and performance views of individual resources.

Step 3

Create custom dashboards for your applications

The real power comes when you open the interactive dashboard designer and start creating your own custom views. Pick out the exact Azure resources your application depends on using the intuitive tile scoping and visualize health, billing and performance data using the many tiles dedicated to Azure Monitor and the Azure platform.

Step 4

Pull in data from your other IT operations tools

When you need to go beyond the Azure platform to get the full picture of your application, connect to external APIs using the dedicated tiles such as ServiceNow or the flexible Web API Tile that integrates with almost any REST API, including Pingdom, New Relic, Splunk and many more.

Step 5

Share with users and teams across your organization

Unlike the Azure portal, SquaredUp dashboards aren’t just for Azure experts. They’re designed to be shared with anyone who needs visibility of your application availability, cost and performance. Using our Open Access feature, you can even publish live dashboards to an unlimited number of wall monitors or embedded web views, all for no additional cost.

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