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SLO reporting

Measure reliability where it matters most

Measure and combine SLOs across infrastructure, application and user layers to get a complete picture of your reliability.

Any data source

Measure SLOs independently of where the data is stored and collected for complete flexibility.

Roll-up across silos

Engage engineering teams by giving them control and visibility of their own SLOs, with a centralized roll-up.


Correlate engineering SLOs with customer and business outcomes to focus on what really matters.

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Plugins for SLO reporting


Monitor key metrics from your AppDynamics environment.


Monitor your AWS environment, including EC2, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch and more.

AWS CloudWatch

Plug directly into AWS CloudWatch for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.


Monitor your Azure environment, including VM, Functions, Cost and more.

Azure App Insights

Monitor your Azure Application Insights environment using custom Kusto queries.


Plug directly into Datadog for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.

One platform for all your engineering insights