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KPI and scorecards

Get everyone's eyes on the metrics that matter

Bring together KPIs and metrics from any data source into beautiful real-time dashboards and reports.

No heavy lifting

Plug directly into your tools and start surfacing insights, without needing to move data around.

Flexible analytics

Tailor KPIs to your organization with flexible data analytics and visualizations.

Beautifully simple

Summarize performance into easy-to-understand dashboards with detailed data drilldowns.

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Plugins for KPI and scorecards


Monitor key metrics from your AppDynamics environment.

AWS CloudWatch

Plug directly into AWS CloudWatch for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.

Azure App Insights

Monitor your Azure Application Insights environment using custom Kusto queries.

Azure DevOps

Monitor the Builds and Releases from your Azure DevOps environment.


Monitor the Pipelines and Workflows from your CircleCI environment.


Plug directly into Datadog for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.

One platform for all your engineering insights