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Azure DevOps

Monitor the Builds and Releases from your Azure DevOps environment.

  • Visualize
  • Analyze
  • Monitor
  • Share

Instant access to your Azure DevOps data

Object types
  • Artifact Feed
  • Artifact Package
  • Branch
  • Build Folder
  • Build Pipeline
  • Deployment Group
Data streams
  • Active Pull Requests
  • Agent Pool Consumption
  • Agent Runs
  • Agent Usage
  • All Pull Requests
  • Analytics (Endpoints)
  • Pipeline(s): Overview
  • Pipeline(s): Trends
  • Release & Deployment Overview
  • Repos Overview
  • Work Items Overview

Combine your Azure DevOps data with...


Monitor your Azure environment, including VM, Functions, Cost and more.


Monitor the Pipelines and Workflows from your CircleCI environment.

AWS Pipelines

Plug directly into AWS for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.

Azure App Insights

Monitor your Azure Application Insights environment using custom Kusto queries.

AWS CloudWatch

Plug directly into AWS CloudWatch for instant dashboards, reports and analytics.


Monitor the Projects, Releases and Issues from your Jira Software environment.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.