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Grafana dashboards

This SquaredUp Grafana dashboard surfaces status information from Grafana, giving you a big picture overview across teams and apps – all while allowing you to utilize your existing dashboards and alert rules.

Dave Clarke

Product Manager, SquaredUp

Dashboard preview


1) Many organizations have existing dashboards with tools like Grafana but want to display health state alongside other business information. A common example is the need to display the Grafana health state alongside cost information, or key business KPIs. There is also often a need to model applications and dependencies.

2) Additionally, many organisations allow their teams free choice of tools to use but still want a central view across all of those teams or apps. Organisations with several teams with varying toolchains are lacking single source of truth.

3) Lastly, low-level technical dashboards from Grafana are not appropriate for certain audiences who matter. Management, for example, often needs high-level dashboards that offer a big picture overview of health.


With SquaredUp, the Grafana plugin allows you to roll up information from several Grafana instances and report on it in one place - a Grafana dashboard. It easily connects to Grafana and utilizes existing dashboards and alerts.

This way, using the status rollup or graph functionality of SquaredUp, technical teams can continue to use Grafana, while management teams can use SquaredUp Grafana dashboards for high-level views. More than that, it is also possible to show Grafana status alongside data from a range of 50+ other tools. 

More on how that works here.

Dashboard walk-through

Grafana dashboard in SquaredUp

This Grafana dashboard details the following:

Get the dashboard

This dashboard is one of our out-of-the-box dashboards, which means that you can expect to be up and running in minutes.

  1. Create a SquaredUp account and get started today for free.
  2. Simply add the Grafana plugin and you're good to go.

To see what other dashboards you can create, check out our Dashboard Gallery.

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