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Status roll-up

Get the big picture across teams, tools and systems

Aggregate and correlate status from multiple tools into one place, for real-time visibility and control of your applications and infrastructure.

Plugs into anything

Plug into any tool, on-prem or cloud, and surface real-time status.

Connects silos

Play nicely across teams – a central view with delegated control.

Beautifully simple

High-level summary status, perfect for a morning dashboard check.

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Plugins for Status roll-up


Monitor your AWS environment, including EC2, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch and more.


Monitor your Azure environment, including VM, Functions, Cost and more.

Google Cloud Platform

Monitor your GCP environment, including GKE, Hosts and more.

Azure DevOps

Monitor the Builds and Releases from your Azure DevOps environment.


Monitor the Applications and Synthetic Transactions from your Dynatrace environment.

New Relic

Monitor key application metrics from your New Relic environment.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.

One platform for all your engineering insights