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Instant access to your Google Cloud Platform data

  • App Engine
  • App Engine Instance
  • App Engine Service
  • Disk
  • Kubernetes Cluster
  • Kubernetes Node Pool
  • Project
  • SQL Instance
Data streams
  • BigQuery
  • CPU Number
  • CPU Usage/sec
  • Cost
  • Disk Max Read Bytes/sec
  • Disk Max Read Operations/sec
  • Disk Max Write Bytes/sec
  • Disk Max Write Operations/sec
  • Disk Status
  • Disk Total Read Bytes Count
  • Disk Total Read Operations Count
  • Disk Total Write Bytes Count
  • Disk Total Write Operations Count
  • GKE Status
  • Host Status
  • Instance Total Uptime
  • Instance Uptime
  • MQL Query
  • Memory Total RAM
  • Memory Used RAM
  • Metrics list
  • Monitor Metric
  • Network Total In
  • Network Total Out
  • Projects
  • SQL Instance Status

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