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Incident response

Know where to go when things go wrong

Enable incident responders to efficiently escalate to the right team without dragging everyone into a war room. Incidents get resolved faster and engineering teams stay productive.

Diagram your app

Capture knowledge of your systems in one place – from dependencies to service owners.

Surface status

Plug into your observability tools to quickly determine the health and performance of components.


Jump into the details and combine data from across tools to determine root cause.

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Plugins for Incident response


Monitor your AWS environment, including EC2, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch and more.

Zendesk Support

Monitor your Zendesk Support tickets.


Monitor the health and performance of your Pingdom Checks.


Monitor the Pipelines and Workflows from your CircleCI environment.


Monitor the Incidents, Issues and Pull Requests from your GitHub environment.


Monitor the Incidents and Alerts from your PagerDuty environment.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.

One platform for all your engineering insights