Introducing SquaredUp for Azure

360° Application Dashboards for Microsoft Azure

Wednesday 30th October / 11am EDT, 3pm GMT



This webinar is now finished.


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Join CEO and founder, Richard Benwell, and Chief Product Officer, John Shaw, as they showcase SquaredUp for Azure, the new 360° Application Dashboard solution for your Azure hosted applications.

They will cover what it does, how it works and what’s coming next.

This webinar will be packed with demos. See what you can do with the product out of the box, and how easy it is to create dashboards for your own environments. At a glance, we’ll show cost, monitoring and performance metrics, health status of resources, service incidents, changes and much more.

SquaredUp for Azure lets you see data from all the tools you use to manage and monitor your Azure hosted apps – giving you a single pane of glass for your applications.