Get a grip on Azure Costs

Spot quick win savings, eliminate zombies and promote ownership with SquaredUp dashboards.

Azure costs spinning out of control?

You are not alone. Many organizations are finding themselves spending way more than expected in Microsoft Azure. You can see the bill in the Portal’s Azure Cost Management, but working out how to get it back under control without affecting your services is much tougher.

This is where SquaredUp for Azure dashboards come in.

Within an hour of deploying it we found about $100,000 worth of savings year over year

Global IT Lead, multinational engineering company

Identify the quick wins

Unearth big hidden costs right away using interactive Treemap and Sunburst visualisations. They help you instantly expose costs, identify overspends and highlight where the biggest savings can be made across your whole tenant and team by team.

You can drill down to see cost alongside performance and utilization, to enable accurate right-sizing that will not negatively impact your application performance.

Eliminate ‘zombie’ resources

Get quick wins by quickly identifying ‘zombie’ resources that have little or no usage – but are costing you money – by using SquaredUp dashboards of the least utilized resources in your whole Azure Tenant based on Azure Monitor metrics.

Get all your teams on board

SquaredUp for Azure lets your IT and app teams quickly build beautiful operational dashboards that also expose the costs they are incurring, in context, empowering them to take responsibility for their spending. 

And you can share views of costs and application performance with all teams, not just those with Azure portal accounts – using our Open Access feature. This means managers, finance teams, and business owners can get live views of cost and performance of their Azure hosted applications and services, at a glance.

Webinar: 6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure costs at SquaredUp

  • Learn how we identified the problems, implemented solutions and are continuing to keep things under control.
  • Hear from our key stakeholders involved – Finance, Management, IT, Engineering – and how it affected them.
  • Have your questions answered by our Azure experts in a live Q&A.

See more than just costs… 

With SquaredUp for Azure, get a handle on the cost, availability and performance of all your Azure resources – from App Services to Virtual Machines – all in real-time. Seamlessly create custom dashboards for every app, every team and every angle. You can even go beyond the Azure platform to pull in data from all your other IT tools.  

It’s the 360 view that brings all of your application monitoring together.