8 SCOM Management Packs you can download for free

Let these SCOM Management Packs do some of the heavy lifting for you!

SCOM is an amazingly powerful platform, but there’s no doubt it’s the Management Packs that do all the heavy lifting.

Thanks to SCOM’s extensibility, maturity, and a huge install base, there’s a plethora of freely available community MPs out there – but knowing they exist is one thing, finding them is often another!

We’ve hand-picked ten of the best free SCOM Management Packs out there to help get you started on your journey to SCOM stardom.

What Management Packs are included?

There’s a lot to get through, but here are the 8 awesome MPs you’ll find on this web-page:

  1. Easy Tune Management Pack
  2. OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack
  3. SQL Query Monitoring Management Pack
  4. PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack
  5. URL Genie: Bulk Website Monitoring Management Pack
  6. Log File Monitoring Management Pack
  7. Ping Monitoring Management Pack
  8. SCOM AddOns MailIn Management Pack

Easy Tune Management Pack

Let’s start with something that should be part of every SCOM administrator’s toolkit!

We all know that SCOM MPs are great for providing in-depth monitoring – but sometimes, too much detail turns into unwanted noise.

Cookdown’s Easy Tune enables us to – like the name promises – easily tune all of our MPs, saving hours on creating overrides and quickly reducing alert noise. It even creates overrides automatically, using tuning packs that capture all of the desired overrides for an MP. Goodbye manual overrides!

OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack

Originally authored by Microsoft MVP and community legend Tao Yang, this Swiss Army knife of SCOM MPs automates many of the routine tasks carried out by SCOM administrators, as well as providing additional rules / monitors to monitor the OpsMgr management group itself. It is a must-have for your SCOM arsenal!

To help you utilize this awesome MP to the fullest, we at SquaredUp have published a Dashboard Pack for the Self-Maintenance MP that contains a dashboard highlighting a number of key SCOM Management Server metrics. Use them together for the best results!

SQL Query Monitoring Management Pack

This is a fantastic community MP originally written by SCOM community member Zvi Uretzky.

It lets you create monitors for SQL query results with SCOM authoring templates, meaning you can work with your application teams, get them to produce queries for their databases, and then use SCOM to centralize, monitor and alert based on your chosen threshold. A great way to get all that juicy application data under one roof!

PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack

Originally created by us and now managed by Cookdown, the PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack is one that we’re pretty sure you’re going to love.

We’re massive advocates of the power of the SCOM platform but the fact the console only supports VBScript hardly screams ‘cutting-edge’, so we thought we’d fix that little issue with the PowerShell Monitoring MP – adding support for PowerShell everywhere that you’d expect to see it in the SCOM console’s authoring pane.

Now you can use PowerShell to create custom monitors, remediation tasks and data collection.

Bye-bye VBScript, hello PowerShell!

URLGenie: Bulk Website Monitoring Management Pack

Web availability monitoring is a powerful but often overlooked feature in SCOM, allowing you to easily create user-centric, outside-in monitoring and visibility of application performance and availability.

To help you get underway with monitoring lots of sites quickly and easily, Microsoft PFE Tyson Paul has created the awesome Bulk Website Monitoring MP, meaning you can create all your monitors en-masse rather than having to manually grind through creating them one-by-one.

If you’re not already underway with web availability monitoring, now there’s no excuse!

Log File Monitoring Management Pack

It’s not just MVPs writing awesome MPs, SCOM vendors are doing their bit to help too – and not many write better Management Packs than Christian and the rest of the lovely folks over at NiCE in Germany.

Filling in the blanks that SCOM misses out, this MP provides more than 100 custom wizards for the SCOM Authoring console, allowing you to create rules and monitors in order to pull entries from your log files and map them to SCOM performance counters.

OpsLogix Ping Monitoring Management Pack

Yet another stellar vendor-produced MP, the Ping Management Pack equips the SCOM admin with a simple but useful tool to verify device connections within an infrastructure or network.

Using ICMP Ping, the MP facilitates quick checks on whether a monitor or device is up and how quickly the connection is responding. Easily identify the root cause of your connection issues!

SCOM AddOns MailIn Management Pack

This MP by infrastructure specialist Ruben Zimmermann lets you monitor anything that can send an email with SCOM! It enhances SCOM with an email interface and converts each email via a SCOM rule into an alert that indicates the severity of the “warning”.

You can now integrate any system, application or critical device into SCOM – anything from an air conditioner to an environmental sensor!

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