Community Round-Up: November

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At Ignite in November, Microsoft brought Christmas forward for us monitoring geeks by announcing exciting new releases that take care of data from every angle. Azure has definitely taken centre stage now, but even as we at SquaredUp promote our new Azure product, we’d like to pose you the question: “Do you think Azure Monitor has killed SCOM?”

IT pros Cameron Fuller, Billy York, Jesper Jensen and David Allen don’t think so. Check out our November coffee break webinar SCOM v Azure Monitor: The Big Debate to find out why and pick up a couple of monitoring best practices! Other highlights from this month include Ignite session recordings on cloud migration and Billy York’s management tips for Azure Monitor.

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Community Answers

Tips, tricks and discussion topics of the month

SQL Query while using Donuts

Can I use the Donut tile if I want to create a dashboard to show Logical Disk Free Space for All Windows Servers except SQL Servers?

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Re-naming column titles

Which tiles support re-naming of column titles?

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ServiceNow Donut tile

Is there a way to filter what is returned in the ServiceNow Donut tile?

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Comtrade Citrix dashboard

Does anyone have a good Comtrade Citrix dashboard to share?

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Returning warning status from PowerShell script

How can I return a warning status from a PowerShell script?

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