Enhanced Performance Reporting in v3.1

Following our introduction of VADA, we continue this short blog series for key enhancements made during v3.1 with Enhanced Performance Reporting. Let's take a look;

With v3.1 we’ve taken performance reporting to the next level. The first thing you’ll see when checking out performance data in v3.1 is an attractive new colour scheme to make it easier to distinguish different counters from one another.

Do you like the new colour scheme?

You’ll also find a cool ‘hover over’ functionality, allowing you to pick out individual counters and get at-a-glance information on date, time and performance, as well as a tool-tip to show you the Object in question.

User Connections

However, it’s when we get to performance reporting drill-downs that things start to get really interesting.

As well as bringing in the hover over feature here too, we’ve also introduced summary data, the ability to set a custom time-frame and, best of all, compare functionality.

Custom Tab

Custom reporting

Compare allows us to run an easy comparison against other Objects or Groups for full, interactive Performance Reporting from the Data Warehouse.

Run comparisons against other Objects or Groups

Because every page in SquaredUp has its own unique url, if you want to share this performance data with a colleague you can simply ping them a link and they can get to that exact view and interactively explore the data from there.

Better still, there’s a one-click Export to Excel allowing you to pull that raw data straight into Excel, including all the graphing, where you can then perform additional analysis and / or forecasting. We even include a hyperlink back to the original report in SquaredUp so it’s just one-click to get back to exploring the data interactively.

Export to Excel


Additional Resource

If you’re not underway with SquaredUp yet, you can request a free 30 day trial.

If you’d like to see Performance Reporting live for yourself, simply head over to our online demo lab.

If you’d like more information on our Version 3.1 release, you can check out the recording of our Release Webinar.