How to contribute to the SCOM Community MP Catalog

Join Matthew Long and Nathan Foreman as we take a look at contributing to the newly released Community MP Catalog.

SCOM is an amazingly powerful platform, but it’s the management packs that do all the heavy lifting.

The new Community MP Catalog helps you immediately discover and manage all of the best MPs available in the SCOM community, providing instant visibility of dozens and dozens of awesome (and often free) MPs right within the SCOM console.

The catalog is backed by a community managed Github repository which details all of the MPs in the catalog, so anyone can help contribute to its contents.

Nathan walks us through making a simple edit to the catalog right within Github (great for simply updating a version number on an existing MP), and then Matthew walks us through adding a brand new MP to the catalog using git and Visual Studio Code.

If you have an awesome MP that you'd like to share with the community, host it online somewhere (on your blog, Technet Gallery, Github etc) and then raise a PR/issue to have it included in the catalog.


You can download the accompanying slides here


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What's up next?

  • 7 November - Extending SCOM with asset tagging


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