Introducing our WebAPI tile and ServiceNow integration

This week Matthew Long is joined by Sam Lord, from SquaredUp's Engineering team, to discuss using the Web API tiles to integrate with external data sources, including other monitoring products or ITSM tools such as ServiceNow. First we take a look at the capabilities of the Web API tile and some of the improvements we've made with version 3.2 of SquaredUp.

We then talk about providers, which is the mechanism SquaredUp uses to store API connection details and crucially any credentials that may be required. Matthew gives us a demo of connecting to System Center Orchestrator as an example of connecting to an API secured via Windows auth, and then Sam shows us how to connect to ServiceNow and walks us through the steps you'll need to complete in ServiceNow to enable queries.

Finally we give some best practices when integrating external data into SquaredUp, and Sam gives us a complete walk through on showing change requests from ServiceNow on a computer perspective, complete with a run through of the new grid designer in 3.2 and how to make each row a clickable link back to ServiceNow.



The accompanying pdf slides are available here 


What's up Next?

18th July - 3.2 in depth: Alert Management


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