Tao Yang presents Top Community Resources for SCOM and OMS

Always wondered what MVP's to follow or which are the essential management packs or utilities for any SCOM deployment?

Look no further, because MVP Tao Yang has teamed up with SquaredUp to bring you Top Community Resources for SCOM & OMS!

We'll be running this session for both EU and US friendly times. You can quickly and easily sign up for these sessions below:

Wednesday 21st October, 9am GMT Wednesday 28th October, 1pm PDT

We initially ran this session at our recent UK Technical Workshop, where attendees were treated to a wealth of sessions covering all things SquaredUp and SCOM. This session proved to be one of the best received and so we decided to offer this out of the wider community.

If you enjoy this, we'll also soon be running some Masterclass sessions headed up by our Product Architect Richard Benwell.

Don't forget, if you want the top-to-bottom review of everything SquaredUp, we run our Weekly Webinar every Thursday, 2pm BST - you can easily sign up for this webinar here.