We're heading to Las Vegas for ServiceNow's Knowledge18

We’re delighted to announce that we'll be a bronze sponsor at ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 event. 

After a thoroughly miserable British winter, it’s fair to say that we’re looking forward to the hot Las Vegas sun providing some much-needed Vitamin D and putting a nice, big smile on our pale, white faces.

But before we stock-pile on Factor 50 sunscreen, we thought we’d share a little more about what we’ll be up to.

Why are we going?

Over the last couple of years we've seen massive adoption of ServiceNow among our clients and throughout enterprise IT organisations in general. Thanks to our WebAPI integration we've also seen a large number of clients successfully enrich their SquaredUp dashboards and drilldowns with data coming dynamically from ServiceNow, so we already know there's a great story between SquaredUp and ServiceNow and the value that we deliver. 

What we've also seen is organisations going on a clear journey with ServiceNow, from helpdesk ticketing through to applying ITSM best practices and beyond, a key foundation of which is finally building and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date CMDB.  

As ServiceNow themselves say;

"To effectively manage and improve your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your IT environment and have current, accurate configuration data. With an accurate configuration management database (CMDB), it's easy to understand your organization's IT environment, particularly in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management."

However, it's one thing building a CMDB for standard Configuration Items (CIs) like servers, it's quite another to do it for the potentially hundreds of complex, heterogeneous, cross-platform applications that make up an enterprise's Business Services. And it's here that we feel many organisations are struggling to realise the true value of their investment in ServiceNow and bring application-awareness and service-awareness to their CMDB and everything that flows from it. 

That's what at Knowledge 2018 we'll be showing a tantalising, first glimpse of our Visual Application Discovery technology directly integrated with the ServiceNow platform. 

We think that for the many organisations with both ServiceNow and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, our solution offers unparalleled ease, depth and accuracy of application and service mapping, as well as being by the far the most efficient, secure and cost-effective approach.

So if you or any of your colleagues are making the trip to Las Vegas then be sure to swing by Booth 2617 to say hello, not least because all visitors will be in with the chance to win perhaps our greatest prize giveaway yet…




And we’re not talking kids' toys here - these badboys are about as close as you can get to the real thing, they’re a seriously cool piece of kit!

If you or your colleagues are heading to Knowledge18 and would like to meet up, simply drop us a line via [email protected], we'd love to meet up.