What is SCOM monitoring on my server?

What is SCOM monitoring on my server?

How many times have you been asked “what is SCOM monitoring on my server”?

Most admins will at some point want to know what monitors and rules are running on a server. For example, you might want to tune your monitoring to reduce alert noise, or try to minimize the load on the monitored server, or you want to confirm that a particular issue (perhaps one that’s bitten you before) will be detected by SCOM in the future.

In the past, Cameron Fuller cited this question as one of the top 3 SCOM "asks” and put together a blog summarizing the options for SCOM 2007 R2:

There also seems to be a new option in SCOM 2012 – the Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration cmdlet. It looks promising but, in our testing, this took a few minutes to run and the results were missing many of the rules and monitors running on the server (certain discovered objects were completely missing).

With our focus on simplifying SCOM, this is one of the common SCOM challenges that we’ve tried to address in Squared Up Operations.


Here are some features of our solution:

    • It works for both SCOM 2007 R2 and SCOM 2012
    • It’s really easy – simply search for the server and click ‘export’ (you can also view the monitors and rules in the browser UI)
    • It’s fast – from opening the browser to viewing the config in Excel in under 60 seconds (see video below)
    • It outputs directly to Excel format (xlsx)
    • It’s all browser-based, so server owners can export the list themselves, without troubling you


It’s also worth describing the output from this task, as there are different answers to “what is SCOM monitoring on my server?”. The export from Squared Up Operations:

    • Includes a summary of all of the discovered objects on a server
    • Filters out health roll-up monitors (which aren’t generally of interest)
    • Takes into account, and reports on, any overrides enabling or disabling the monitor or rule, so you can see where monitoring has diverged from the defaults


Here’s the video:


If you want to try this out yourself we have a 30-day free trial. Let us know if it finally gives you the answer to "what is SCOM monitoring on my server?".

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