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Win prizes when you try the new SquaredUp

Get creative with SquaredUp Cloud to receive a free t-shirt and a chance to win Star Wars Lego!

Do you love data visualization, dashboarding, and sharing insights
across your team? 

It's time to harness the data that’s been locked away in your monitoring, engineering, and business platforms. 

We’ve just launched our new dashboard designer which makes it easier than ever to connect to any data source and surface insights in one place. We’re so excited for you to try it that we’re celebrating with a dashboard competition. 

Please note: Dashboard entries for this competition have now closed. The final date for submissions was Friday 7th July, 11:59pm (US Eastern Time).

How to enter

  1. If you haven't already, sign-up for free to connect to any of our 60+ data sources and design an awesome dashboard. Have fun with it – build a dashboard related to your work or your hobbies… anything goes. 
  2. Click here to send your submission, including a screenshot of your dashboard, a brief description and your contact information to receive your free t-shirt.
  3. Win prizes!

    Everyone* that submits a dashboard will receive a limited edition T-shirt. 

    If your dashboard is awesome enough to be featured in our Dashboard Gallery you'll also win a Star Wars LEGO Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor.

    Best dashboard wins the grand prize Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon.

*Click here for the competition fine print and FAQs.

Did you know...

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built integrations for engineering and business data sources: 

So go ahead and monitor your DevOps automation, visualize cloud hosting costs, share KPIs with management, or stay on top of whatever matters to your team. 

We’ve also released a new WebAPI integration so you can connect to any data source with an API. That means you can build dashboards for your favorite sports teams, home automation, energy consumption… anything that you want to keep on top of! 

Experience the new dashboard designer 

Read all about the new features that make SquaredUp the easiest, awesomest, and most flexible dashboarding and analytics platform. 

Beautiful dashboards! I built the one I needed in less than two hours.

Happy dashboarding! 

Try out the new SquaredUp and remember to send us your dashboard to redeem your prize. 

The SquaredUp Team 

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