How to provide external access to Squared Up

August 29, 2018

How to provide external access to Squared Up

Join Matthew Long and Adam Kinniburgh as they walk through some of the complexities that are synonymous with providing secure access to Squared Up dashboards outside your corporate network.

Remote users that receive alert notifications via their phone will often require access to Squared Up outside of your internal domain. Putting Squared Up in the DMZ can be tricky given both the somewhat sensitive nature of monitoring data and Squared Up's proximity to SCOM management servers (which typically are not placed in the DMZ). During this webinar we take a look at how you can get round this. From modern network appliances (Application Delivery Controllers) that you probably already have in your environment, to specialised Delivery Platforms that are designed to provide access to internal apps without making firewall changes.

We also give a demo of Microsoft's Azure Active Directory Application Proxy (available on Azure Basic plans and above), as it's an extremely simple and powerful way to provide access to Squared Up externally, including via multi-factor authentication.



Download a PDF version of the slides here.


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