Dashboard any data with ease

SquaredUp Dashboard Server lets you deliver real-time answers from any data source to anyone in your business.

Answers for everyone

Connect to, surface, and dashboard any data to provide real-time insights for any team, so they can optimize outcomes and identify issues fast.

Super simple to install on Windows Server, or deploy on a VM in the cloud.

Dashboards for any team

Built for
Enterprise IT

Connect directly to any enterprise data source with the native, enterprise integrations that make dashboarding a breeze. Use templates or customize your dashboards to create stunning visualizations that surface answers.






Azure Log Analytics

Azure App Insights*


*Enterprise features

Ridiculously easy
to share

Insights are only valuable when shared. Share your dashboards with everyone, anywhere, using Open Access. Send a link or put your dashboard on a wall monitor or website. It’s as simple as:

1. Connect
2. Visualize
3. Share

Download Dashboard Server for free

Simply install on Windows Server or deploy on a VM in the cloud.
It’s enterprise-grade dashboarding that’s free forever.

Want more?

Upgrade to a paid Dashboard Server Enterprise plan for:

10+ named users
Team Folders to manage dashboard access securely

Splunk, ServiceNow, and Azure App Insights integrations
And more Enterprise features

Get started today

Install on Windows Server or deploy on a VM in the cloud.

3 users. Unlimited dashboards. Free forever.