Dashboard any data with ease

SquaredUp Community Edition lets you deliver real-time answers from any data source to anyone in your business.

Answers for everyone

Connect to, surface, and dashboard any data to provide real-time insights for any team, so they can optimize outcomes and identify issues fast.

Super simple to install on Windows Server, or deploy on a VM in the cloud.

Dashboards for any team

Built for
Enterprise IT

Connect directly to any enterprise data source with the native, enterprise integrations that make dashboarding a breeze. Use templates or customize your dashboards to create stunning visualizations that surface answers.






Azure Log Analytics

Azure App Insights*


*Enterprise features

Ridiculously easy
to share

Insights are only valuable when shared. Share your dashboards with everyone, anywhere, using Open Access. Send a link or put your dashboard on a wall monitor or website. It’s as simple as:

1. Connect
2. Visualize
3. Share

Download Community Edition for free

Simply install on Windows Server, or deploy from the Azure or AWS marketplace.
It’s enterprise-grade dashboarding that’s free forever.

Want more?

Upgrade to a paid Dashboard Server Enterprise plan for:

10+ named users
Team Folders to manage dashboard access securely

Splunk, ServiceNow, and Azure App Insights integrations
And more Enterprise features


Zero to dashboard hero in 60 seconds

Start now with hundreds of customizable dashboards.

3 users. Unlimited dashboards. Free forever.