Bring together data from your existing platforms and tools, on demand.


Deliver cross-platform, silo-busting application visibility

The war room has become an accepted part of enterprise IT operations. And silo-ed monitoring an inevitable consequence of adopting best-of-breed tools for today’s diverse enterprise technology stack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. SquaredUp brings data from all of your tools into a single view – in real time – to give your support teams everything they need to rapidly identify the root cause and get the application back up and running.

Whether it’s Splunk, ServiceNow, New Relic, Pingdom or the tool that your enterprise has deployed, pull the data into one place and break down silos with SquaredUp.

IntegrationPlatform integrationPlatform integrationPlatformDedicated tile integrationDedicated tile integrationDedicated TileWeb API tile integrationWeb API tile integrationWeb API Tile
Azure (Resource Graph API)PlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
SCOMPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure Application InsightsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure Monitor AlertsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure Monitor LogsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure Monitor MetricsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure Cost ManagementPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
SCOM Health State, Monitors and AlertsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
SCOM Performance Metrics (DW)PlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
ServiceNowPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Azure DevOpsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Octopus DeployPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
SplunkPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
PingdomPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
DynatracePlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
New RelicPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
SolarWindsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Google AnalyticsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile
Other REST APIsPlatformDedicated TileWeb API Tile

Integrations explained


The platform integration determines the resources (or objects) that can be used as scopes for dashboard tiles and drilldowns. It also determines the authentication and access control model for viewing the dashboards. Currently available for Azure or SCOM (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager).

Dedicated Tile

Integrations with dedicated tiles offer simple point-and-click configuration and a range of data visualizations, such as line graphs, donut charts and status tiles.

Web API Tile

The Web API Tile is the Swiss Army Knife of dashboard tiles. Supporting a range of authentication and HTTP options, the Web API Tile can be used to integrate with most REST APIs and visualize the returned data in a tabular or scalar (number) format.

Our Knowledge Base walks you through configuring the most common integrations, but the possibilities are virtually endless.