SquaredUp Integrations Dashboard

Bring any data together. Instantly.

Intuitive integrations in SquaredUp let you stream data from any source on demand.

Connect directly to the data source with an array of integrations


Integrate with REST APIs to visualize data from sources like Pingdom, New Relic, Octopus Deploy, and more


The Swiss Army Knife of integrations lets you access any data with a little PowerShell scripting knowledge


Connect to all your SQL data sources like the Microsoft System Center Suite and SolarWinds


Visualize all your infrastructure monitoring data held in Splunk


Access your data in Elasticsearch fast with this native integration


Visualize your ServiceNow workflow data for greater visibility into how to optimize

Azure Log Analytics

Edit and run log queries with data in Azure Monitor Logs

Azure App Insights

Integrate your insights for a holistic view of your live applications

“SquaredUp is so simple. You don’t have to be a data scientist to use it.”

Samuel, ATEA

Visualize data any way you want

Choose from a multitude of visualizations to display your data so it’s instantly understood by everyone.

SquaredUp Integrations Status


Get alerted of the status of any object in real time with icons, blocks, and donut charts.

SquaredUp Integrations Image


Display the rolled-up health state of objects on an image background like a map.

SquaredUp Integrations Web-Content

Web Content

Display and embed web pages, text, and links, or show buttons with hyperlinks in your dashboards.

SquaredUp Integrations Matrix


See detailed health state and performance metrics and more for a list of monitored objects.

SquaredUp Integrations Alerts


Choose to see alerts in a list with alert icons or visualized in a donut chart.

SquaredUp Integrations Performance


See how your objects are performing with bar, line, and sparkline graphs or a report or heat map.

SquaredUp Integrations SLA


See your SLA target achievements with the dial graph.

SquaredUp Integrations Visio


Attach data to your Visio diagrams and visualize them in your dashboard.

Choose the product that’s right for your team

For the dashboard hero who needs to provide answers across the business.

For cloud teams who need to take control of Azure cost and performance.

For monitoring teams who need to unlock insights from Microsoft SCOM.