SquaredUp helps customers save 20% of Azure costs

Are you suffering from overspending in Azure, lack of cost visibility and lack of context? You’re not alone; Azure cost management is a problem we hear about time and time again.

That is why we created top-notch cost tiles that would allow users to build the perfect Azure cost dashboard, and help them quickly identify overspends and expensive resources in their Azure tenant.

We are glad to share that according to our recent survey, SquaredUp users save up to 20% on their Azure bill by using our cost tiles. 87.5% of them rate their experience using SquaredUp cost tiles to be “Positive” or “Really Positive”.

Read on to see the survey results and learn what customers have to say about the savings they’ve made.

Within an hour of deploying it we found about $100,000 worth of savings year over year.

Global IT Lead, Multinational engineering company

Did customers save money using SquaredUp for Azure?

62% of customers surveyed made savings as a result of using the cost tiles in SquaredUp for Azure.

How much did customers save?

Of those who saved money, the majority made significant savings:

Which specific cost management tiles did customers use?


62% of customers used the Scalar tile.

Utilization Treemap

50% of customers used the Utilization Treemap tile.

Line Graph

37.5% of customers used the Line Graph tile.

Performance data alongside costs

37.5% of customers used these tiles.

Sun Burst

37.5% of customers used the Sun Burst tile.

How did customers rate their experience using SquaredUp cost tiles to monitor Azure costs?

87.5% of customers reported a “Positive” or “Really Positive” experience using our cost tiles:

6 key steps to regain control of your Azure spend

Using SquaredUp for Azure, you will be able to quickly spot quick-win savings, eliminate zombie resources, and promote ownership of spending throughout your teams.

We know, because our customers have said so, but also because we have used it ourselves. In a special webinar, our key stakeholders (Finance, Management, IT, Engineering) share the journey of how we at SquaredUp took 6 key steps to regain control of our Azure costs.

Get started on your own cost-saving journey by signing up below to receive the webinar recording. Alternatively, check out our SquaredUp vs Azure portal dashboard series or take out a free trial of our product.

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We are loving our SquaredUp license. It took 15min to set up our cost tracking dashboards and immediately identified VM’s that were costing us money but not being used. We shaved our monthly Azure spend by $5k already, so you could say we’re are getting a good ROI.

A happy SquaredUp for Azure customer