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Understand your Azure DevOps performance

See aggregate data across pipelines, releases and projects with Azure DevOps dashboards.

Unlimited dashboards. 3 users. Free forever.

Thanks to my dashboards in SquaredUp, we can have discussions based on facts, not fiction

Maxime Michel, Engineering Manager, Magnolia International

It's hard to improve what you can't see

When data is scattered across your ADO pipelines and releases, you just can't keep track of everything easily. But you need to be proactive. SquaredUp lets you aggregate all your data for full performance visibility.

  • Use visualizations to unveil patterns
  • See trends at a glance
  • Improve team efficiency

Get ADO analytics dashboards for free.

The DevOps metrics that matter.
All in one place.

Deployment status overview

See the status of all your production deployments at a glance so you never miss a change.

Pipeline stage failures

Zoom in on common stage failures and tackle the root cause.

Average build duration

Aggregate data to understand your pipeline performance.

Resource usage

Visualize agent usage, job queues and cost to right-size your resources.

Track your DORA metrics

Deployment frequency

See how often you're deploying and how often deployments are failing.

Lead time to change

Understand how long it takes for a change to reach production.

Mean time to recovery

Monitor how long it takes your team to restore service.

Change failure rate

Track the percentage of deployments causing a failure in production.

Powerful dashboards out-of-the-box

Get three OOB dashboards that are automatically populated with your data when you link to your Azure DevOps instance. No dashboard building required. See instant insights from:

  • Overview dashboard
  • My DevOps Organization dashboard
  • Pipelines Overview dashboard

Get live dashboards in seconds for complete performance oversight.

A single pane view across your tech stack

Pull all your data into one place. Quickly pivot from issues spotted in your Azure DevOps pipelines to related technologies without losing context.

Access your data, with the extensive plugin library, from tools like:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Circle CI
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • ...and dozens more

Visualize any tool. Roll up or drill down to any level.

Customize your insights

All your data is automatically indexed and ready to use when you connect to Azure DevOps. Your pipelines, repos, artifacts, work items, etc. are all ready to be visualized how you want.

Just point and click to build custom, flexible dashboards in minutes. Or adjust the OOB dashboards to suit your teams' needs.

Actionable, contextual alerts

Use the combined view of your Azure DevOps estate to set monitoring thresholds and get notifications. Never miss a change.

Push alerts to Slack, Teams or ServiceNow. Now you can proactively resolve issues by alerting on your KPIs.

Rather than go out and buy loads of new, big products, we chose to focus on creating a modern observability portal with the tools that we had. SquaredUp is the visibility piece, giving us the plugins to fill all our visibility gaps.

Anthony Ashmead, Enterprise Monitoring Lead

Get insights in 5 minutes

Sign up and create an Azure DevOps dashboard in 5 minutes. See just how easy it is to get started in the video. Create a free account for three users and unlimited dashboards and alerts forever.

Get total ADO oversight for free

Sign up and create an Azure DevOps dashboard in 5 minutes. Unlimited dashboards. 3 users. Free forever.

See Azure DevOps dashboard in action.