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Announcing… Markdown magic ✨

Dave Clarke
Senior Product Manager, SquaredUp

We're excited to share a small but mighty new feature. Our Text tile now supports Markdown! This allows you to include rich content on your dashboards such as headings, links, lists, images and more.

At SquaredUp we know that a useful dashboard is more than just a few charts. With this update you can now provide key context to the data on a dashboard to help tell the right story. For example you might want to:

You can easily do all that now, and more.

Getting started with the Text tile

Learn more about Markdown

Other ways to tell your story

Alongside our Text tile there are a couple of other ways to enhance your dashboards and help you tell the right story.

Images on dashboards

Alongside the Text tile you can also use add images to your dashboard using our Image tile. This is a great way to make your dashboard stand out, for example adding your company or application logo.

SquaredUp also supports live diagrams where the current health state of your workspaces, dashboards, or tiles can be overlayed on to SVG diagrams, e.g. topology or infrastructure diagrams.

Learn more about live diagrams

Emojis! 😎

SquaredUp supports emojis in nearly every field, for example your dashboard or tile names. These are another great way to personalize your dashboards and make them stand out! 🎉

Check out this Gist for more info on emoji support

Try it now

If you've yet to try SquaredUp, you can create an account for free. Unlimited dashboards, free forever, for up to 3 users and 3 data sources.

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Dave Clarke
Senior Product Manager, SquaredUp