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Context isn’t just for Christmas

Adam Kinniburgh
VP Innovation, SquaredUp

Everyone has their own toys to play with this Christmas, but we all have more fun when we share. The same applies to the tools we use, the data we collect, and the insights we act on. 

In this video, I'll show you how one of our valued (and definitely real) customers “North Pole Industries” utilizes SquaredUp to share the magic of observability.  

Can they pull off Christmas Day in their Tesla-powered CyberSleigh – with the help of SquaredUp dashboards? 

Watch to find out!

Video highlights

Use the timestamps below to skip ahead to the features you're most interested in.

03:23: Data is useless without context. See the map of cross-team dependencies that North Pole Industries’ managed to create in SquaredUp.

06:44: See the magic you unlock after adding a plugin. We automatically index your objects (e.g., Azure function apps and log analytics workspaces). If multiple tools cover the same object, we automatically correlate that data together (e.g., an Azure function that has some open changes against it in ServiceNow). You also get powerful out-of-box dashboards

11:02: How to enable monitoring, set thresholds and turn on notifications 

11:24: Data manipulation with SQL Analytics. How to combine and manipulate data from different sources (averaging, aggregation etc.) using SQL. E.g., combining Azure and AWS cost.  

12:24: Connecting to any data using PowerShell script – simply paste it in. 

13:19: How to vizualize data from Azure AppInsights – simply copy and paste query from Azure.  

14:20: The snazzy Diagram tile – perfect for sharing KPIs with the wider business. See what the CyberSleigh team have created with data from the Tesla API and Octopus Energy. Who thought critical business metrics could be presented in a fun way? 

If you’ve read this far on this summary blog, watch the video! It’s 15 minutes of fun that you won’t get back, but I promise it is worth it. 😉  

The Festive Tech Calendar 

This video was created as my entry for the Festive Tech Calendar, an Azure-focussed, tech community event spanning the month of December.  

Here are a few other community submissions from the calendar, but head over to their YouTube playlist to see the full lineup. 

This year, Festive Tech Calendar are raising money for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a global nonprofit with a mission to help young people learn how to code, create, and solve meaningful problems using technology. To learn more and donate, check out their JustGiving page.

Happy holidays

As mentioned in the video, everything showcased in this demo is possible with a free SquaredUp account. Create yours here to see for yourself.

Create free account

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected], we are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you. Or, you’re welcome to pop me a message on LinkedIn

Happy holidays, and happy dashboarding!

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Adam Kinniburgh
VP Innovation, SquaredUp