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experts live india 2024

Highlights from Experts Live India 2024  

Noorul Huda N
Customer Support Engineer

Experts Live India 2024 was a fantastic experience for me. It was my first time helping out with organizing an event of this scale and also my first time representing SquaredUp – I was excited! 

An amazing turn out 

Over two lively days, the community shared a wealth of knowledge and made meaningful connections. Our lineup of 25 speakers brought in around 300 attendees who were eager to network. The energy was infectious! 

SquaredUp Cloud 

Alongside my colleague Atul, I was excited to share SquaredUp Cloud with the Microsoft community in India at our dedicated event booth.  

It was nice to see the buzz around SquaredUp Cloud. Attendees were fascinated by the Map feature, which allows users to associate KPIs. The other most popular feature was Monitors, which can be set to roll up health for each workspace node. Demo-ing these use cases sparked interesting conversations around various use cases with attendees. 

The crowd was diverse, but the majority of attendees who engaged with us were individuals from development teams. They found the platform especially valuable for visualizing CI/CD pipeline data and appreciated its ability to correlate data across multiple clouds. We also met some excited students who said they would use the free version of our product in their projects. 

Sameer’s session on Navigating Observability with SquaredUp 

A highlight for me was my colleague (and Experts Live India organizer) Sameer Mhaisekar's presentation on Navigating Observability with SquaredUp Cloud.

A large proportion of the audience was familiar with SquaredUp Dashboard Server and how it works with SCOM, but not many were aware that our new Cloud product has the capability to dashboard anything. Sameer’s demo got everyone excited about its potential applications across their toolstacks! 

My key takeaways 

Across both days of Experts Live India, I got to see how the event really helped to foster a strong sense of community among experts, sponsors, and attendees. It was great to see everyone engaging in meaningful discussions and forming connections. 

For me personally, it was a transformative experience. I started off as a bit of an observer but ended up fully immersed in the vibrant community, making new friends and contributing to some insightful conversations. 

All in all, Experts Live India 2024 was more than just an event – it was a melting pot of ideas and connections that left a lasting impression on everyone involved. I'm excited to see where this community goes from here and eager to do my part! 

Noorul Huda N
Customer Support Engineer