Be Part of Something Special

Squared Up was founded with the vision of using cutting-edge data visualisation to solve the challenges of Enterprise IT complexity and, from humble beginnings, we are loved by some of the world’s leading companies and growing fast.



We’re a genuine, bootstrapped start-up, which means that there are no old grey men in suits telling us what to do; we’re driven by ambitious software engineering goals and are passionate about building an awesome company together.

We're also pretty sceptical of the fluff around software startups; we don't believe in failing fast, we believe in succeeding fast and are looking for people with the talent, work ethic and ambition to help us keep doing that.


Great culture

All the excitement of a fast-growing start-up without VCs cracking the whip

Edge Technology

Use the latest tools & practices in every area of the business to work smart & fast

Gadgets Galore

Fancy a sit-stand desk? Want to try out an Oculus Rift or Microsoft HoloLens? Look no further

Competitive Salaries

If you have talent in abundance, we have the packages, awesome office & location to match

Make a difference!

Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Specialists

Digital Marketing (Graduate Role)

Graphic Designer

Marketing Manager

Computer Science Graduates

Javascript Developer

UI / UX Designer

Junior . Net Developer

Senior .Net Developer

Technical Support Analysts

Product Test Engineers

Engineering Team Lead

Senior Operations Manager

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