Enterprise Software: Done Differently

Squared Up is an affordable, flexible, annual subscription license with totally transparent pricing. No mysteries, no sales-people and no BS.

Enterprise Starter Pack (ESP)

Provide HTML5 Dashboards to all your users and unlock the power of SCOM with a blazingly fast new web console.

Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM)

Deliver complete end-to-end monitoring for your Enterprise IT applications through a single-pane-of-glass.

We believe a new approach is needed to selling Enterprise IT software.

For too long, enterprise software has been over-priced and under-delivered. For too long, enterprise software has relied on sales people, rather than product quality, to sell itself to you. Not anymore. 

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Our Pricing Ethos

No Barriers

We truly believe that every SCOM deployment would be better with Squared Up, so we’ve chosen a flexible, annual subscription model that’s affordable to SCOM deployments of all sizes and even offer a free Community Edition license.

No Secrets

We pride ourselves on being transparent. That’s why we put our pricing up on our website, in plain sight. We’re not to phone you to hassle you for an Order or suddenly invent “end of the Quarter” pricing.


Because we mean what we say, you can purchase Squared Up online at any time. However, we make it just as easy to purchase by Purchase Order or via our resellers worldwide. We’re open, approachable and easy to do business with.

Licensing : Key Points

  • Squared Up is as annual subscription license, with a Named User license model (not concurrent user).
  • 3 & 5 Year Subscriptions are available upon request and carry 15% & 25% discounts respectively.
  • All licenses are for a single SCOM Management Group.
  • Our Enterprise Starter Pack (ESP) and Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) editions allow you to publish as many Open Access Dashboards as you want, to as many users as you want. Open Access Dashboards are entirely non-interactive.
  • Visual Application Discovery & Analysis is only available with Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) editions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Squared Up an annual subscription or perpetual licence?

Squared Up is a flexible, annual subscription license. There is no option to purchase Squared Up as a perpetual license.

Can I purchase for multiple years?

Yes, we have options for 3 & 5 Year subscriptions, which carry overall discounts of 15% and 25% respectively.

Are support and upgrades included?

Yes, support and upgrades are included in the cost of your annual subscription licence, meaning that whenever we release a new minor or major version of Squared Up, you'll get it free-of-charge.

More details on our support policy can be found here;

Can I purchase additional Named User licenses at a later stage?

Yes, you can purchase additional users at any time, whether in multiples of users (eg. an additional five Named Users on top of an Enterprise Starter Pack) or moving from one licensing option to another (eg. from an ESP to an EAM).

Is there any cost-penalty to adding additional Named Users at a later stage?

No. Squared Up makes it easy for you to increase your number of Named Users by co-terming any license expansion to your existing subscription. This means there’s no financial penalty or drawback to adding additional users at a later stage.

Is it technically difficult to add additional Named Users?

No, it’s a simple license key update.

Named Users

What are Named Users?

Named Users are users who have full, interactive access to Squared Up, including dashboard drilldowns, perspectives, performance reporting, alert management and more. A Squared Up Named User corresponds with one of your existing SCOM Users and Squared Up adheres to SCOM Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Are Named Users licenses fixed or concurrent?

Fixed. Squared Up Named Users licenses are assigned to users on a fixed / static basis, meaning there's a 1:1 relationship between a user and a license. Squared Up does not have a concurrent users licensing model.

Can the same user access Squared Up from more than one device at the same time?

No. Whilst a Named User can roam across devices, the same user cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously.

Can I restrict what data specific users see?

Yes. Squared Up Named Users adhere to SCOM Role Based Access Control (RBAC), meaning that there’s no additional layer of user permissions for you to manage. The data your users can access within Squared Up will automatically be scoped accordingly to the permissions you have set up for those users in SCOM Role Based Access Control.


Is there any limit to the number of Dashboards I can create?

No. Irrespective of what Squared Up license you have you can create as many Dashboards as you want.

What are Open Access Dashboards?

Open Access Dashboards are non-interactive versions of your Squared Up dashboards. Users can access Open Access dashboards without authenticating against SCOM and without requiring a Named User license. Open Access dashboards are highly scalable and are perfect for publishing and sharing widely throughout your organisation because (i) you don’t need to set up user permissions with SCOM (ii) our Open Access technology allows multiple users to view dashboards without additional load on your backend SCOM infrastructure.

Do Open Access Dashboards show live data?

Yes, Open Access dashboards show live data from your SCOM environment and refresh every 60 seconds by default, although this value is configurable.

Is there an interactive version of Open Access Dashboards?

No, Open Access Dashboards are completely non-interactive. If you want a user to have interactive access to Squared Up then they must have a Squared Up Named User licence.

Can I assign user permissions to Open Access Dashboards?

No. Open Access Dashboards are deliberately designed to allow you to publish Dashboards to users without requiring authentication against SCOM. This means that you can’t apply user permissions / scoping to Open Access Dashboards.

Who can author Squared Up Dashboards / Perspectives?

From a commercial / licensing perspective, any of your Named Users are able to create their own custom dashboards using our In-GUI dashboard designer. However, from a technical point-of-view, typically you may not wish to allow this and so, by default, only SCOM Admins have permissions to create and edit Dashboards / Perspectives. More details on how those permissions can be manged are available in the following KB article;

License Packages

What is the Community Edition (CE)?

For more details on the Community Edition, please see the Community Edition FAQs available at

What is the Enterprise Starter Pack (ESP)?

The Enterprise Starter Pack provides 10 Named User licences and allows you to publish as many Open Access Dashboards to as many users as you want. Because Open Access Dashboards are accessed without having to authenticate against SCOM, they can be made available to both SCOM users and non-SCOM users.

The Enterprise Starter Pack also comes with an additional license to allow you to set up Squared Up in an HA deployment, as well as a single user Lab license free-of-charge.

What is the Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) edition?

Enterprise Application Monitoring comes with a number of valuable features that are not available with other licensing options, including Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA), OMS Integration and WebAPI data.

The EAM comes in four options - EAM, EAM50, EAM100, EAM250 – which provide for 20, 50, 100 and 250 Named Users respectively. Functionally, all varients of the EAM licensing edition are identical.

All Enterprise Application Monitoring options also come with an additional license to allow you to set up Squared Up in an HA deployment, as well as a single user Lab license free-of-charge.

Will my licence cover multiple SCOM Management Groups?

No, Squared Up is licenced separately per Management Group. Therefore, if you wish to run Squared Up against multiple SCOM Management Groups, you will need to purchase separate Squared Up license for each Management Group. However, we do offer discounts for customers with large numbers of Management Groups


Can I get Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) with an Enterprise Starter Pack?

No, you must have EAM to use VADA.

Is there any additional charge for the Management Pack required to power VADA?

No, this Management Pack is available free of charge.

Can I get OMS Integration with an Enterprise Starter Pack?

No, you must have EAM to have OMS Integration.

Do my users have to have OMS access in order to view OMS Data within Squared Up?

No. Provided you have EAM or above you can pull OMS Data into Squared Up using a single ‘reader’ account from OMS. However, Squared Up will apply SCOM Role Based Access control to the requests being sent to OMS, meaning even data coming back from OMS will automatically be scoped according to a user’s SCOM permissions.

Can I get WebAPI Data with an Enterprise Starter Pack?

No, you must have EAM or above to have WebAPI Data.

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