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Discover the essential HTML5 dashboards for SCOM
$ 1,200+
per year

A blazingly fast HTML5 user experience

Performance reporting

Alert management

Dynamic drilldowns


3 Users
3 Users
10 Users


Transform your monitoring with the complete dashboard solution
$ 6,000+
per year

All the features of Essentials, plus:

Visio dashboards

Data integrations: REST API, Azure Monitor,
SQL, iFrame and SCOM tasks

Team Folders

High Availability

Free dev/test license

Unlimited Open Access Dashboards

10 Users
10 Users
20 Users
50 Users
100 Users
250 Users


Scale the benefits of APM to all your applications
$ 9,800+
per year

All the features of Enterprise, plus:

Visual Application Discovery and
Analysis (VADA)

Enterprise Application Designer

URL, TCP and PowerShell Availability

Link dependency monitoring

Service status messages

Unlimited application allowance

10 Users
10 Users
20 Users
50 Users
100 Users
250 Users
Features Essentials Enterprise EAM
HTML5 Dashboards
Dashboard Designer
Performance reporting
Dynamic Drilldown
Export to Excel
Alert Management
Community Dashboards
Wall Monitor Support
Unlimited Shareable Dashboards
Test license
High Availability
Team Folders
iFrame Integration
REST API Integration
SQL Tile
Visual Application Discovery and Analysis
Link Dependency Monitoring
Enterprise Application Designer
PowerShell Availability Monitoring
URL and TCP Availability Monitoring
Service Status Messages
Enterprise Application Health Model
Unlimited Application Allowance
Q: Are support and upgrades included?
A: Yes, support and upgrades are included in the cost of your annual subscription licence, meaning that whenever we release a new minor or major version of Squared Up, you'll get it free-of-charge.
Q: Is Squared Up an annual subscription or perpetual licence?
A: Squared Up is a flexible, annual subscription license. 
Q: Are there any additional charges for the Management Pack required to power VADA?
A: No, this Management Pack is available free of charge.
Q: Will my licence cover multiple SCOM Management Groups?
A: No, Squared Up is licenced separately per Management Group. Therefore, if you wish to run Squared Up against multiple SCOM Management Groups, you will need to purchase separate Squared Up licenses. 
Q: What are Named Users?
A: Named Users have full, interactive access to Squared Up, including dashboard drilldowns, perspectives, performance reporting, alert management and more. A Squared Up Named User corresponds with one of your existing SCOM Users and Squared Up adheres to SCOM Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
Q: Can I restrict what data specific users see?
A: Yes. Squared Up Named Users adhere to SCOM Role Based Access Control (RBAC), meaning that there’s no additional layer of user permissions for you to manage. The data your users can access within Squared Up will automatically be scoped accordingly to the permissions you have set up for those users in SCOM Role Based Access Control.
Q: Can I purchase additional Named User licenses at a later stage?
A: Yes, you can purchase additional users at any time on a co-termed basis, whether in multiples of users (e.g. an additional five Named Users for an existing Enterprise package) or moving from one licensing option to another (e.g. upgrading from an Essentials to Enterprise).
Q: Can the same user access Squared Up from more than one device at the same time?
A: No. Whilst a Named User can roam across devices, the same user cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously.
Q: Is it technically difficult to add additional Named Users?
A: No, it’s a simple license key update.
Q: What are Open Access Dashboards?
A: Open Access Dashboards are non-interactive versions of your Squared Up dashboards. Users can access Open Access dashboards without authenticating against SCOM and without requiring a Named User license. Open Access dashboards are highly scalable and are perfect for publishing and sharing widely throughout your organisation because (i) you don’t need to set up user permissions with SCOM (ii) our Open Access technology allows multiple users to view dashboards without additional load on your backend SCOM infrastructure.
Q: Do Open Access Dashboards show live data?
A: Yes, Open Access dashboards show live data from your SCOM environment and refresh every 60 seconds by default.
Q: Is there any limit to the number of Dashboards I can create?
A: No. Irrespective of what Squared Up license you have you can create as many Dashboards as you want.
Q: Can I assign user permissions to Open Access Dashboards?
A: No. Open Access Dashboards are deliberately designed to allow you to publish Dashboards to users without requiring authentication against SCOM. This means that you can’t apply user permissions to Open Access Dashboards.

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