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Monitoring Jaguar trips and fuel consumption with the InControl API 

This dashboard pulls info from the Jaguar InControl API to get various data points from my car. It’s given me a handy overview of usage and service stats.

Nick Dewitte
Senior IT Consultant, Nimi GCV

Dashboard preview

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I wanted to get a full overview of usage and service stats of my Jaguar but they weren't easy to find or access when away from the car itself.


I decided to connect to the Jaguar InControl API to pull the data I wanted into a handy SquaredUp dashboard that lets me see the most important information. Now I can see an overview of my trips, fuel consumption, kilometers traveled, and check all my doors are locked.

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Dashboard Walk-through

Overview of each trip 

The top left tile shows the cities in which I started and ended each journey, along with the start time, distance covered, eco score, average speed and average consumption. This gives me a nice breakdown of usage stats per trip. 

Aggregate data 

On the top right, I created a few scalars around: 

The ability to aggregate this data lets me consider each trip’s consumption in the wider context of my overall usage, as well as track my overall usage. 

Fuel consumption 

This line graph shows the last 100 trips and lets me see which trips had the best fuel consumption rates.

Lock status 

These four health blocks show whether my doors are locked. 

Service status 

This tile displays the number of kilometres to go until the next round of maintenance is required. 

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This Jaguar InControl dashboard is not available out of the box, but you can easily build something similar yourself using the WebAPI plugin.

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