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Visualizing SpaceX launch data with SquaredUp

This SpaceX dashboard means I never miss a launch and helps me keep an eye on SpaceX’s achievements around re-usability.

Wayne Plummer
Principal Software Engineer, SquaredUp

Dashboard Preview

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I’m a SpaceX enthusiast and enjoy keeping up with all the latest happenings. But that meant that I had to take the time to regularly check across multiple web pages to stay on top of what was coming up. When was the next livestream? How many launchers are in various possible states? 


To solve the time it took to get all the information I wanted on launches and stats, I built a SpaceX dashboard in SquaredUp. It saves me from having to hunt around various web pages and I like seeing all this information in one place. 

Because I’m a SquaredUp developer, I had the advantage of being able to write a plugin of my own (“SpaceX (Launch Library 2)”) to gather all the interesting data into the Knowledge Graph. From there, my tiles can report on the SpaceX data using features in the built-in “SquaredUp” plugin. 

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Dashboard walk-through 

The first table shows the times of upcoming launches with details of each spacecraft and launcher. Having the next launch time visible lets me know when to look for SpaceX live stream on YouTube. 

Next is the Launchers table. This gives me visibility of all the launchers (first stage boosters) SpaceX has, including their status and re-use counts. This table provides me with a great overview of SpaceX’s reusability position. 

A breakdown of how many of the launchers are in various possible states can be seen in the donut graph. Now I can see in one place how the launchers are doing.  

The bar graph of Launcher Successful Landing Count shows a breakdown of boosters against the number of successful landings. 

And next up are the names and statuses of all of SpaceX’s spacecraft so I can see the “bandwidth” SpaceX has for carrying cargo and/or astronauts into orbit. 

Finally, the Past Launches table gives me historical information about SpaceX’s usage of its launchers and spacecraft.


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