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SolarWinds Orion Nodes

This dashboard gives an overview of nodes alongside summary of heatlh from SolarWinds Orion using the powerful Web API and dashboard sharing capabilities of SquaredUp.


SolarWinds require an account and some level of training for a user to consume and observe the notes status, especially as the dashboard experience in SolarWinds is overwhelming. In addition the NOC team needs unified dashboards with the same experience to observe the status of various monitoring systems all-in-one place.


Using the powerful Web API tile in SquaredUp, the dashboard connects to the SolarWinds Information Services REST API endpoint using SQL queries in the request data in real-time

The dashboard also leverages mustache syntax to transform the SolarWinds own status into human readable status and corresponding health icons images. Using Open Access, we can share this dashboard to anyone in our organisation in a matter of seconds.

Dashboard walk-through

  1. Nodes by Status – health state of your nodes
  2. Nodes by Type
  3. Nodes by Location
  4. Unhealthy Nodes – a list of nodes where the state is not healthy
  5. All Notes – a list of nodes with their heatlh state and their properties

Scripts and data sets to steal

Exclusively built with the native Web API tile in SquaredUp.

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