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What’s new in SquaredUp: 2023 June – Dec highlights

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re celebrating a full year since the release of SquaredUp Cloud – our revolutionary observability portal for product, engineering, and IT teams.

In the last six months, we’ve packed in a ton of product improvements, including new visualizations, even more out-of-the-box dashboards, and a fast growing suite of pre-built plugins.

Keep reading to learn about what we’ve delivered in the second half of the year:

Here's a snapshot of the improvements we'll cover:

Check out our previous highlights blog to see the features we released in Jan – May 2023.

New and improved plugins

We now have over 60 pre-built plugins (and more on the way) that give you instant access to 100s of data sources across your organization.

To help you get even more out of your data, we’ve made major improvements to some of our most popular plugins:


Our Azure plugin now allows you to visualize and monitor Azure spend across multiple regions, tenants, and even other hybrid cloud services.

But cloud cost is a complicated beast, so we’ve worked hard to go beyond simply pulling cost information as it’s incurred. We now enable you to visualize:

Designed to drive down your Azure spend, these latest updates provide full visibility of exactly where your money is being spent (or wasted).

To get you up and running straight away, we’ve created eight out-of-the-box Azure cost dashboards that are instantly loaded up with your live data when you add the Azure plugin to your workspace.

VMware vCenter

If you have a deployment of VMs, you’ll want instant visibility when servers go wrong, when tools need updating, or if you run out of memory.

With our VMware vCenter plugin, you can do all of that and more, all in one place.

Our most recent update means you can now surface over 60 new VMware data streams in your dashboards, including a full snapshot history.

View this alongside your disk space, memory, CPU, tool patch level, and more, in two out-of-the-box dashboards for a 360° view of your VM performance.

To see how simple it is to connect to VMware and start dashboarding, watch this short video:

Explore our extensive plugin library to see our latest additions, including Jenkins, IsDown, Prometheus, and more.


SquaredUp has tons of unique features designed to derive real-time, contextual insights from your data.

Organization home

We understand the power of summary here at SquaredUp. You need one place to visualize the big picture so you can stay in control and keep your stakeholders in the loop. 

That’s why we created Organization Home, a status rollup view of your environment’s workspaces, dashboards, and monitors.

With sort and filter options, this rollup view can be tailored to your needs, and used as a starting point when drilling down for greater detail.

Unified SQL Analytics

Our dynamic SQL Analytics editor allows you to carry out advanced manipulation of data using a SQL query before you visualize it. For example, you might ask “how frequently is the team successfully deploying code to production?” or “What is the average time difference between a ticket being created and resolved?”.

You can easily combine multiple datasets and write custom SQL queries to surface any metrics you can think of.

For improved usability, our SQL editor is now embedded into the usual tile editor for a more unified experience, so you can effortlessly click between the two and not lose any progress.

See how we used the SQL editor to build a custom DORA metrics dashboard for DevOps teams here.

Monitoring and notifications

We’ve recently made significant improvements to our monitoring and notification features, which allow you to set custom monitoring thresholds on any tile or data and take instant action with near real-time alerts.

After your valuable feedback, we’ve extended our notification destinations beyond Slack, Teams, ServiceNow and custom webhook, to also include email and any number of external integrations with Zapier.

You can configure a new Zapier Zap directly within your Zapier web portal – see here to learn how.

More context to your notifications

When a metric is out of bounds or the state of a resource has become critical, you now get more context in your notification message with a preview of the tile in question. This is particularly helpful for SLA or cost alerts, as you can now easily see when a resource exceeds a cost threshold.

Flexible notification rules

We’ve also added even more flexibility to our notification rules, which allow you to specify which state changes should trigger a notification. Our recent improvements mean you can now:

To see how easy it so is set-up, customize and manage monitors and notifications, watch this short video:

Terraform provider

We’ve put a lot of love into our interface to make use truly effortless. But we also understand that busy teams might want to define SquaredUp resources as code, using the configuration language they use day-in day-out.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new Terraform provider. You can now easily spin up and manage your complete SquaredUp organization – workspaces, data sources, dashboards and more – all without logging in.

Just use JSON to run the commands and see your SquaredUp resources automatically populated in minutes.

Light mode

And finally, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new theme, light mode!

By default, the display mode used is decided by your system preferences. But this can be easily changed by clicking Account on the navigation bar and choosing a different option.


As part of our ongoing work to extend and refresh all our visualizations, we've made some major UI enhancements we think you’re going to love.

Live diagrams

We're excited to announce the general availability of our live diagramming feature. With the power of SVG, you can now create live diagrams that display the health state of your environment’s workspaces, dashboards and objects.

Just upload an SVG image from your device (or enter a URL), and if it contains hyperlinks to SquaredUp objects, you’ll have the option to show the health state on the diagram.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

Integrate health state into maps and floorplan layouts
Overlay live health state on key infrastructure and application diagrams

Other visualization improvements

Expand the sections below to learn about each visualization enhancement we have made.

Brand new out-of-the-box dashboards

Many of our plugins come with out-of-the-box dashboards that are instantly loaded up with your live data when you add it to your workspace. Expand the sections below to see our latest additions:

We’re always making product improvements, so to keep up with the latest changes, check out our official changelog. And if there’s a specific plugin you’d like added to the product, you can request it here!

If you want to see any of these updates in more detail, book a demo with our technical team, or create a free account to try the product for yourself.

Happy dashboarding!

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