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NSW snowboarding conditions dashboard

I have been snowboarding for a long time and regularly go to Persiher in New South Wales. I wanted an easily accessible overview of weather and trail conditions, plus any other relevant information.

Adam Hewins
Senior Operational Support Engineer

Dashboard preview

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While it’s possible to find information on the trail and weather conditions of Perisher, NSW, across a number of sites, it’s not always immediately visible. And it’s definitely not possible to view all the data in one place. Hunting for the information each time I snowboard isn’t ideal. 


I’ve been a long-time user of SquaredUp’s dedicated product for SCOM so I wanted to try the Cloud product to visualize some data I’d use in my personal life.

Dashboard walk-through

Current weather conditions 

With this dashboard, I can see the current weather conditions in Perisher. The two scalar tiles on the left show the current temperature and what it feels like.

Although there's no set temperature that would stop me from snowboarding, it's helpful to know the expected conditions. If it’s going to be quite cold, then I can plan accordingly and wear an extra layer.

The two gauges below the temperature show the current amount of snowfall and snow depth in meters.

Perisher typically gets snow dumps of around 20-40cm within a 24h period, but it is helpful to have sight over any significant changes.

Snow depth is important to track as once it starts dropping below half a meter, you will get more rocks and patches of grass coming through.

Long range weather forecast 

I’ve also included a tile that shows a handy 15-day temperature forecast. This helps me plan my snowboarding trip. 

In the middle of the dashboard you can see one more gauge on UV index, with the threshold set to 20. A UV index of 11 or more is considered high, and the sun in Australia is quite strong. This lets me know how frequently I need to apply sunscreen while I’m up on the mountain. I don’t tan so it’s something I need to keep on top of!

Trail map and live camera feeds 

To help me plan my day and my route, and I’ve also added tiles that show a live camera feed of each main trail. This helps me keep an eye on the specific conditions of those trails at any given time.  

I also included a trail map that’s useful for providing context around each of these trails. It’s super useful when it comes to planning my trip. 

All in all, this dashboard is my way of collecting in one place all of the information I’d need around planning my snowboarding trips. It's a handy one-stop-shop. 

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This NSW snowboarding conditions dashboard is not available out of the box, but you can easily build something similar yourself using the WebAPI plugin.

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