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SCOM MI reporting – New SquaredUp Plugin

As you may have heard, Microsoft has just released the highly anticipated SCOM Managed Instance (SCOM MI) – their latest PaaS monitoring service hosted in Azure. In conjunction with this, we have launched a plugin for SquaredUp that lets you connect straight into SCOM MI and pull all the monitoring data you need! 

What is SCOM MI? 

SCOM MI is a fully Microsoft-managed infrastructure monitoring product, hosted on Azure. It gives you all the infrastructure monitoring capabilities you’re familiar with, now hosted in the cloud. SCOM MI also takes the headache out of deploying, scaling, and managing your SCOM Management Group. 

To learn more about SCOM MI, join the Microsoft SCOM Product Group on 17 January 2023, as they share all about SCOM MI on the webinar Presenting SCOM Managed Instance. Don't forget to register today!

Made in partnership with Microsoft 

Having partnered with Microsoft to bring you our new plugin, we are thrilled to share that Microsoft have chosen Power BI and SquaredUp as the recommended tools for visualizing SCOM MI. SquaredUp is the only vendor Microsoft have partnered with. You can find a link to our product within the SCOM MI reports tab.  

How SquaredUp elevates SCOM MI reporting  

While SCOM MI has many benefits, it does not have SSRS reporting like the on-premises product does. SquaredUp not only fills this gap, but also offers a range of other benefits – some of which extend far beyond what you can achieve with PowerBI.

In a nutshell, the benefits of using SquaredUp for your SCOM MI reporting are

Easily pull alerts, state and performance from SCOM MI, with SquaredUp

SCOM MI, and more

SquaredUp’s SCOM MI plugin is a tailor-made solution for SCOM MI reporting. But it comes with SquaredUp’s wider offering too. You can easily surface the following all in one place:

With SquaredUp's 50+ plugins, your IT teams can visualize any engineering data alongside SCOM MI data – and see everything they need to monitor performance, availability, capacity, and much more, all in one place. Plus, you can map dependencies across apps, objects and tools so you can rapidly find the root causes of issues.

See our Dashboard Gallery for examples of other dashboards you'll have access to.

Complete the picture with SquaredUp + SCOM MI  

Try SquaredUp completely free to see just how powerful it is to not only have visibility over your SCOM MI data, but also have complete observability across all your tools, in one place.  

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