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The Big Dashboard Competition Winner

The community submitted some fantastic dashboards – check them out!

Wow! You all submitted some amazing entries to our big dashboard competition using SquaredUp’s new dashboard designer.

Everyone who entered will be getting one of the limited-edition t-shirts and the shortlisted entries featured on our Dashboard Gallery have won a Star Wars LEGO Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor.

But the winner, will receive the grand prize of a Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon!

If you’ve not already given the new SquaredUp a go, you can get a free forever account and start building your own dashboards today. And if you send your dashboard to us and we choose to publish it, we’ll send you a limited edition t-shirt!

Winning dashboard

And we can now announce the dashboard competition winner is...


Adam Hewins with the NSW Snowboarding Conditions dashboard!

Huge congratulations!

This fun dashboard gives some essential weather and trail condition information on the Perisher slopes in New South Wales, including live cams for favorite trails. For Adam, Senior Operational Support Engineer and long-time snowboarder, this is a must-have dashboard for planning ahead to catch the perfect powder days.  

Explore the dashboard in full on our Dashboard Gallery.

Explore dashboard


The best of the rest

Here’s a quick taster of all the shortlisted dashboards. Explore them more in the Dashboard Gallery and keep an eye out for other handy dashboards being published there too.

CI Builds dashboard

Ruben Vilhena, DevOps Manager at Smartest Energy, built this CI Builds Dashboard to manage the builds completed by the team in the last quarter. He pulled the data from Azure DevOps into SquaredUp to visualize all the aggregated data across pipelines.

Jaguar InControl car dashboard

Built by Nick Dewitte, Senior IT Consultant at Nimi GCV, this SquaredUp dashboard pulls info from the Jaguar InControl API to get various data points from his car. Now he’s got a handy overview of usage and service stats.

Octopus household energy usage dashboard

This dashboard was built to supplement the official Octopus customer dashboard for domestic energy usage. Georgina Robertson, Data Analyst at Segen created this to surface metrics that couldn’t be found in the official dashboard. Now she has a granular view of consumption trends over the course of the day.

JIRA ticket summary dashboard

Luke Gackle’s dashboard displays Jira ticket statuses at a glance for his role as ICT Service Desk Officer at the South Australian Tourism Commission. This helps the team quickly jump on any tickets that may have neared an SLA breach. In Jira, there was no easy way of displaying these numbers so the SquaredUp dashboard fills an insights gap.

SquaredUp Internal Dashboard Competition Winners

We also ran the competition internally and got some fantastic entries!

Here are the three winning dashboards. Find out more about them in the Dashboard Gallery.

Antarctic Observation dashboard

Fiona White, our Senior Test Engineer, created a great dashboard for Popsy the Penguin, the Engineering team mascot. The dashboard displays the weather conditions at key Antarctic research stations and readings from sensors used at one center.

Steam player data dashboard

If you ever wondered how many hours your kids were playing on Steam games and who they were interacting with, you’ll understand why Josip, SquaredUp’s Director of Engineering, built this dashboard. It’s full of fun achievement statistics as well as insightful information about time spent on gaming and even community updates.

Zendesk Customer Support dashboard

Also a winner was Amy’s Zendesk dashboard. Amy Farrell, Product Advocate Lead at SquaredUp, needed a dashboard for her team that couldn’t be built in Zendesk. She needed high-level visibility of the metrics important to the Customer Support Team for the SquaredUp Cloud product. Crucially, the team can now visualize trends in the ticket queue.

Got FOMO? We’re keeping the competition open!

If you feel like you’ve missed out, fear not. We’re keeping the competition open!

Get signed up to a free SquaredUp account, build the personal or business dashboard of your dreams, and send it to us for your chance to win a limited edition t-shirt.

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