Put yourself in control

Get the complete picture with
360° Application Dashboards
for Microsoft Azure.

The 360° view that brings all of your application monitoring together

Every app.

Whether it’s the application that is your business, or the hundreds of applications that your business relies on, observe them all in real time.

Every team.

A shared view for DevOps, IT, service desk, security and management that overcomes silos and lets them work together as one.

Every angle.

Observe all your data across logs, performance, availability, platform, service and billing to create a complete picture of your application.

Cost, availability, performance and more. Get answers in real-time.

How much is it costing?

Is it available to my users?

What's the service desk status?

Why is it running slow?

Is it secure?

What has changed?

Where are my storage costs going?

Where are my under-utilized resources?

Are my VMs healthy?

How are my App Services performing?

What's in this resource group?

Are my databases right-sized?

What are my application dependencies?

Are my SQL databases healthy?

Which servers are low on disk?

Which VM hosts overloaded?

How is Active Directory performing?

Is Exchange available?

Keep costs under control

Avoid surprises by knowing exactly what you're spending and where, with Azure Cost Management.

Track response times

Surface user experience metrics from native Azure Application Insights or external web availability services such as Pingdom.

Focus everyone on customer service

Share up-to-date status of your service desk using ITSM tools like ServiceNow.

Identify bottlenecks

Surface transaction-level monitoring and code-level insights from your APM tools to quickly identify trouble spots.

Monitor security-related events

Be vigilant to threats and ready to respond at the earliest signs of anomalous activity. 

Identify changes that have affected performance, cost or availability

Use ITSM, DevOps CI/CD tools and log analytics to unpick the root cause of issues.

Get storage insights

Keep control of your spending on Azure storage by understanding how your storage accounts are being used, how they're performing and what they're costing.

Avoid wasting cloud costs

Identify Azure resources that are costing you money but not being utilized.

Keep everything green

Bring your Azure Monitor alerts and metrics into a single dashboard to spot issues early.

Monitor critical web metrics

Create real-time views for the key metrics that are critical to your web applications.

Explore your Azure resources

Understand how your Azure resource groups are structured, what they're costing, and what resources they contain.

Balance cost and performance

Optimize your application databases for cost and performance by analyzing sizing, load and performance metrics. 

Map your applications

Use Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) to automatically map your applications to the infrastructure they depend on.

Monitor key SQL metrics

Surface metrics from the powerful SQL monitoring available with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

Prevent easily-avoidable outages

Use Top N reports to quickly find infrastructure that needs attention before it affects your applications.

Get full stack visibility

Monitor your virtual infrastructure to locate performance bottlenecks that are affecting your servers and applications.

Keep critical infrastructure healthy

Combine alerts, health roll-ups, performance metrics and SLA reporting to monitor every aspect of critical infrastructure.

Monitor key business applications

Turn Visio diagrams into live dashboards to monitor the end-to-end components of business-critical applications

Focus on getting answers,
not storing data 

SquaredUp gives you data visualization, not more data collection.

We bring together data from your existing platforms and tools on demand, creating interactive, single-pane-of-glass dashboards and drilldowns for real-time insights.

Connect to

Correlate with

New Relic, Pingdom, PagerDuty,
Dynatrace, Google Analytics & more

How does it work?

SquaredUp is a data visualization platform that connects to your monitoring tools via APIs.

Instead of storing another copy of all your monitoring data in a database, it aggregates data on demand, pulling data directly from your individual monitoring tools into live dashboards and contextual, resource-level drilldowns.

Our dashboards have transformed monitoring for enterprises worldwide


monitoring experts on our Community Answers platform

SquaredUp is way more straightforward than most enterprise software, which has allowed us to get real results, fast. With all the flexibility it offers, it’s delivered far more than we originally expected.

Patrick McKenney

UC Systems Engineer, Arkadin

What do I need to get started?

If you have an Azure subscription, you're ready to start using SquaredUp for Azure.

Simply deploy from the Azure Marketplace and the SquaredUp application will be added to your subscription  in the form of a self-contained virtual machine  which  is accessed using your browser.

What do I need to get started?

SquaredUp for SCOM doesn't require any new databases, so it takes minutes to set up.

Simply download and install the IIS/ASP.NET application on a SCOM management server or a dedicated web server, connect to your management group and you're ready to go. 

Available now in the Azure Marketplace

Deploy into your Azure subscription to start visualizing your cloud resources and applications.

SquaredUp for Azure

$750+per year
  • 1+ users
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited sharing with Open Access
  • Cost analytics

  • Azure Monitor logs (Kusto)

  • Azure Monitor metrics

  • Azure Monitor alerts

  • Application Insights

  • External data sources

The essential dashboards for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Download and install in minutes to start visualizing your on-prem infrastructure and applications.


$1,200+per year
  • 3+ users
  • Essentials features
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Technical support that won't let you down


$6,000+per year
  • 10+ users
  • Enterprise features
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited Open Access users


$11,800+per year
  • 10+ users
  • EAM features
  • Unlimited application mapping