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SCOMeetUp 2024


Sweden's big SCOM event is back

Formerly known as SCOM-Day, OpsLogix's well-loved SCOM event is back after a few years' break – only this time, it's been rebranded as SCOMeetUp 2024. The event is a one-day in-person conference dedicated to networking, knowledge sharing and building the SCOM community. It's the perfect opportunity for anyone using SCOM as their monitoring tool to hear from experts and connect and network with colleagues in the field.

We are thrilled to be sponsoring this event once more and can't wait to meet more of the SCOM community in person. Come along for a chat with us, or to attend our Director of Engineering Bruce Cullen's session: Unlocking Comprehensive Visibility.

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When and where:

Unlocking Comprehensive Visibility: Why we started with SCOM

SquaredUp was born in 2011 with a bold vision centered on data visualization. This was a world before Grafana and PowerBI. Why did SquaredUp start with SCOM? What's changed since then? And why have we stayed so committed to SCOM?

In today's world, SCOM remains the bedrock of infrastructure monitoring in many organizations, and for good reason. But the landscape now extends far beyond traditional observability tools, requiring a holistic approach.

Join our Director of Engineering Bruce Cullen to discover how SquaredUp has leveraged our SCOM-based heritage, taking learnings from the SCOM object model to realize our original vision – of going beyond SCOM dashboards to deliver unified visibility across all of your tools.

What is SquaredUp?

For the past 10 years, SquaredUp has delivered awesome dashboards for Microsoft SCOM that continue to be well loved by the community.

Our dedicated SCOM product Dashboard Server for SCOM natively connects to SCOM's object model. With SCOM, it's impossible to drill down to see more details or correlate data with other data types or alerts for the same object. With SquaredUp, users get all the detail and insight they need, from the metrics they are already collecting in SCOM – all accessible by drilling down to any data within a dashboard.

Our range of out-of-box dashboards means users can surface insights in minutes. Sharing dashboards is as simple as sending a link or putting your dashboard on a wall monitor or website.

Dashboarding beyond SCOM

In 2022, we opened a new chapter with SquaredUp Cloud, a SaaS version of our product that plugs into 100+ data sources. With this product, the sky's the limit.

This means beautifully simple dashboards for all of your Microsoft infrastructure and applications, without a dependency on SCOM. The unique thing about the product is that, unlike other observability tools that rely on a data warehouse, SquaredUp Cloud leaves your data where it is, plugging directly into each source to index and stitch the data together using a data mesh.

Teams have one place to go to search, visualize and analyze data across all tools – all without the hefty price tag. Click here to learn more or you can try SquaredUp Cloud for yourself for free. Alternatively, come chat with us at SCOMeetUp where we'll happily talk you through any of our products!

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