SCOM Dashboards

Dashboard Designer

Design any HTML5 dashboard in minutes with our dashboard designer and instantly transform your SCOM environment with stunning UI; no experience necessary.

Click here for an introductory video on our Dashboard Designer.

Data Visualizations

Squared Up provides a wide and ever-growing range of visualizations - Heatmaps, Dynamic Tables, Sparklines, Images and many more - to allow you to quickly and concisely deliver the right insights to your users.

Donut Tile

Based on overwhelming customer demand, we've freshly baked awesome donuts into Squared Up. Rapidly build high-level overviews for both status and alerts and drill straight down into automatically populated views to get to all the details.

Click here to view our Donut Tile in action.

SLA Dashboards

Easily build great SLA dashboards to make upwards reporting on the availability of key applications and services, or even individuals servers, a walk in the park

More information about our SLA dashboards is available here.

Service Status Dashboards

Use our striking Block Tile visualization to rapidly build, high impact, high visibility Service Status dashboards. Impress your boss in minutes!

Visio Integration

Quickly turn any Visio diagram into a live dashboard with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Use Visio to create your perfect dashboard in flawless SVG and light it up with your live health states from SCOM. You won’t believe how easy it is! 

Click here to see a short introductory video on Visio integration.

Community Dashboards

Leverage the power of community and access pre-built, template dashboards, designed by experts and ready for instant upload into your environment.

View our full range of Community Dashboards here.

Open Access Dashboards

Instantly publish and share dashboards with every user in your organisation, all without setting up user profiles or putting any additional load on your back-end infrastructure.

Click here for more info on the benefits of using Open Access dashboards.

Dashboard Export to Excel

Export all the data on your dashboards - status, performance, SQL or WebAPI data and lots more - straight into Excel, perfect for reporting and auditing requirements and allowing you to lean on built in Excel functionality for forecasting, trend analysis and more.

Click here to see Dashboard Export to Excel in action.

Interactive Performance Reporting

Unlock fast, interactive performance reporting from the SCOM Data Warehouse, providing your users with self-service access to SCOM’s rich data, enabling short-term troubleshooting or long-term capacity planning, all from right within the browser.

Check it out in our live demo lab now!

Export to Excel (Performance Data)

Instant, one-click export of any performance data, for any period – whether that’s for a single counter, group average or all members of a group – straight into a native Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, together with full graphing and summary.

Check it out in our live demo lab now! Just look for the 'Export' button in the top right corner.

Real Time Performance Data

Automatically leverage the power of SCOM Agent Tasks from right within a dashboard to pull back any data, on demand. Deliver exactly the right data to exactly the right users at exactly the right time, all without the burden of continuous data collection.

Click here to see a short introductory video on how you can use 'Data on Demand' to deliver real-time performance data to your users.

Application Mapping

Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)

Automatically map your applications and trace dependencies across your entire stack in real-time, powered by SCOM and our data-on-demand technology. Re-run VADA discovery at any time so there's no need to worry over out-of-date app definitions ever again.

Click here to watch a detailed introduction for VADA.

Leverage existing SCOM infrastructure

No new agents, no new infrastructure, no continuous data collection and no external dependencies. VADA leverages your existing SCOM infrastructure and point-in-time data collection, meaning you can start mapping your applications within minutes of downloading.

You’ve done all the hard work already!

Live health and performance data

View live health and performance data across complex application topologies at-a-glance, allowing you to rapidly pinpoint the root cause of issues.

Distributed Applications (DAs)

Use VADA to automatically discover and map your applications, then it’s just one-click to save them as a SCOM Distributed Application, making it easy to build application dashboards, route alerts to specific teams, pull in external data in the context of specific applications and much more.

Cross-platform visibility

Powered by your existing SCOM agent, VADA discovery can be performed on Windows and Linux servers, allowing you to fully map complex, cross-platform applications. And, provided you're monitoring them with SCOM, VADA discoveries can even include the likes of F5, Netscaler and Kemp Load Balancers to give you the complete picture of application delivery.

Discover external dependencies

Discover unmonitored end-points and external dependencies, allowing them to be included in your monitoring strategy and application definitions, even for third-party dependencies where you're unable to direct install a SCOM agent.

Process filtering

Control the noise of netstat connection data by easily filtering individual processes on a local or global basis, allowing you to focus on building accurate application definitions and giving you a clear picture, uncluttered by global dependencies.  

Single Pane of Glass

Dynamic, contextual data

Unify your IT operations data in a single-pane-of-glass thanks to our ground-breaking product architecture. Instead of shipping all data into a central database, put the right data in front of your users at the right time by pulling it dynamically into your dashboards and drilldowns.


Bring the context of your Service Desk and CMDB data to your SCOM monitoring data, allowing you to instantly surface tickets against an application or identify relevant service owners, including hyperlinking through to ServiceNow.

Click here for more detail on our ServiceNow integration.

Service Manger

With SCOM and Service Manager so often deployed in tandem, it makes perfect sense to dynamically display Service Desk and CMDB data from Service Manager in your Squared Up dashboards, giving you the complete picture across your operations and service management tools.

Click here for more detail on our Service Manager integration.


Enrich your SCOM data with machine event data insights direct from Splunk, all within the context of the items your care about, whether that’s applications, servers or even alerts. Has an app got performance issues? Then immediately see any software updates, config changes or RDP log-ons against that app, right alongside your SCOM data and all in a single console.

Click here for more details on Splunk integration.

Azure Log Analytics

Unify SCOM and Azure Log Analytics (aka OMS) in a single portal to give vital context to the insights contained in your log data and share them with your users without having to give them access to another portal or train them in a new technology.

Click here for more details on Log Analytics integration.

Azure Application Insights

Bring the power of Microsoft's next-gen APM tool - Azure Application Insights - straight into your Squared Up dashboards with our dedicated Application Insights Tile, providing visibility and vital insights to your users without having to train them in a complex new technology.

Click here to see our integration for Application Insights in action.

WebAPI Data

Integrate data from any REST API (on-prem or cloud) to give your users the complete picture, whether that’s ITSM data from Cherwell, Log file data from ElasticSearch, networking data from Cisco Prime or dozens of other systems.

SQL Data

Pull data from any external SQL database and integrate it with your SCOM data at every level, enriching your monitoring experience with data from other monitoring or management tools, ticketing systems (e.g. Service Manager) or any other SQL DBs.



Deliver results at a speed you won't believe.

Squared Up is a lightweight IIS web app that requires no new databases or infrastructure and takes literally 10 minutes to configure and install. Fully integrated with SCOM Role Based Access Control with all the authentication methods you’d expect.

It’s enterprise grade software without all the hassle.

Not quite sure if you believe us...? Check out this installation video to see for yourself.

Lightweight Architecture

Beautifully simple, non-invasive product architecture, fully integrated with your existing tools and processes, from SCOM RBAC to Single Sign On, from Visio and Excel to SharePoint.

Run application discovery without having to deploy new agents or make any infrastructure changes. View data from multiple tools in a single pane of glass without having to move data from one database to another.

If only all software worked like this.

Mobile & Tablet

Built in blazingly fast, responsive HTML5, Squared Up is mobile and tablet enabled right out of the box, with a user experience that makes mobile access to your enterprise monitoring data a reality.

High Availability

We provide additional licenses so you can deploy Squared Up in an HA configuration free-of-charge and will even provide a complimentary, Lab License so you can build out dashboards and test out new features to your heart's content.

Try it now

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