Total Dashboard Architecture (TDA)

Our ground-breaking architecture revolutionises dashboards, taking them into infinite new territory. Dashboards are no longer confined to global views, you now have the power to turn everything into dashboard.




Open Access Dashboards

Instantly publish and share dashboards with every user in your organisation, all without setting up user profiles or putting any additional load on your back-end infrastructure.

Dashboard Designer

Design any HTML5 dashboard in minutes with our In-GUI dashboard designer. Transform your engagement with SCOM with stunning UI that delivers drag-and-drop, point-and-click dashboard creation; no experience necessary.

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Community Dashboards

Leverage the power of Community and access hundreds of pre-built, template dashboards, designed by experts and ready for instant upload into your environment.

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Squared Up provides a wide and ever-growing range of visualizations - Heatmaps, SLA Gauges, Dynamic Tables, Iframes, custom Images - to allow you to quickly and concisely deliver the right insights to your users.


Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)

Automatically map your application topologies and trace dependencies throughout your entire stack in real-time, powered by lightweight, data-on-demand. Easily re-run discovery at any time so you never need look at out-of-date definitions.

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View every object from multiple perspectives and provide context-specific data and actions via a User Interface that looks and feels like a specialised tool for every technology stack and user.

Visio Integration

Turn any Visio diagram into a live dashboard, with simple drag-and-drop functionality, right within the browser. Use Visio to create your perfect dashboard in flawless SVG and light it up with your live health states.


Complete Context

Link all of your infrastructure and application components together, giving users the complete picture; from the poorly-performing SQL DB, to the hypervisor it's running on, the other VMs running on the same hypervisor, the application the DB is part of, to all alerts against the application...everything!


Interactive Performance Reporting

Unlock fast, interactive performance reporting from the SCOM Data Warehouse, providing your users with self-service access to SCOM’s rich data and enabling short-term troubleshooting, trend analysis or long-term capacity planning, all from right within the browser.

Export to Excel

Instantly, one-click export any performance data, for any period – whether that’s for a single counter, group average or all members of a group – straight into a native Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, together with full graphing and summary.

Data On Demand

Automatically leverage the power of SCOM Agent Tasks from right within a dashboard to pull back any data, on demand. Deliver exactly the right data to exactly the right users at exactly the right time, all without the burden of continuous data collection.

Click here to see a short introductory video tutorial on Data on Demand

OMS Integration

Seamless integration with Microsoft's next-gen Operations Management Suite (OMS) at every level of data allows you to deliver vital insights to your users, all through a single pane-of-glass UI. 

SQL Data

Pull data from any external SQL database and integrate it with your SCOM and OMS data at every level to enrich your monitoring experience with data from other monitoring or management tools, ticketing systems or other SQL DBs.

WebAPI Integration

Integrate data via any REST API (on-prem or cloud) to provide your users with comprehensive service management information from systems like Service Now through a single pane-of-glass user interface .



Deliver results at a speed you won't believe. Squared Up is lightweight IIS web app that requires no new databases or infrastructure, takes literally 10 minutes to install and configure and totally transforms of your monitoring experience. 

Mobile & Tablet

Built in blazingly fast, response HTML5, Squared Up is mobile and tablet enabled right out of the box, with a user experience that makes mobile access to your enterprise monitoring data a meaningful reality.

High Availability

We provide additional licenses so you can deploy Squared Up in an HA configuration free-of-charge and will even provide a complementary, single user Lab License so you can build out dashboards and test out new features to your heart's content.

Squared Up is a unique, presentation-layer only technology, consisting of a lightweight IIS web app which connects to your existing SCOM infrastructure.

Additional Squared Up features include:

  • Dynamic Tables
  • Heatmaps
  • SLA Dashboards
  • Map Dashboards
  • Iframe Dashboards
  • Integrated With SCOM Role Based Access Control
  • Service Impact lookup
  • Alert Operator Guidance
  • Easy Maintenance Mode
  • HTML5 Email Alerts
  • Simple publish to SharePoint
  • Transparent product architecture
  • Single Sign On
  • SCOM Object ID export
  • Simple hyperlinking

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