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Instant access to your SCOM data

  • AD Domain
  • AD Domain Controller
  • AD Forest
  • EA Dependencies
  • EA Map
  • EA Map Group
  • Interface
  • Volume
Data streams
  • Alerts - All
  • Alerts - Closed
  • Alerts - Currently Open
  • Availability Test Response Time
  • CPU (% Time)
  • Disk % Free Space
  • Disk Free MB
  • Health State
  • Memory Available MB
  • Memory Used %
  • Metric

Combine your SCOM data with...


Run user-created PowerShell scripts on Relay Agents.


Monitor key metrics and states from SolarWinds.

VMware vCenter

See metrics and states from VMWare vCenter.


Monitor key metrics from your Zabbix environment.

Nagios XI

Monitor key metrics from your Nagios environment.


See the availability of your services from StatusPage.

SquaredUp has 50+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.