How to build insightful M365 Analytics Dashboards with SquaredUp and Microsoft Graph API (Part 1)

With SquaredUp, easily visualize the data produced by your organization’s M365 tenant so you can manage licenses, usage, capacity, and more.

Dashboard competition: Win a Star Wars LEGO set worth $800

Join the exciting dashboard competition as part of our Dashboard Server product launch!

How to embed Grafana visualization in SquaredUp

A step-by-step guide to getting all your data from Grafana and SquaredUp into a single pane of glass.

Layering customer, infrastructure and business perspectives into your monitoring (Part 4)

How to layer in availability and infrastructure components for a holistic monitoring approach. Communicate effectively to a broad range of stakeholders.

Communicating Strategically with Manual Reporting Availability (Part 3)

Use SCOM dashboards to communicate effectively with end users, upper management, and the infrastructure teams.

SquaredUp helps customers save 20% of Azure costs

Want an easy way to reduce your Azure spend? SquaredUp customers save up to 20% by using our cost tiles.

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