Dashboard Server: Working with the Elasticsearch Tile

See how easy it is to build a dashboard for Elasticsearch without having to be an expert!

New: Dashboard Server Enterprise version

Endless data connections plus new, enterprise integrations that let you dashboard just about anything. For enterprise organizations who want to scale up.

SquaredUp 5.1 is here

You an now extend the picture of your business services and applications with these new integrations and visualizations!

Dashboard Server: Working with the SQL tile

See how to connect to any SQL database and run a SQL query straight from SquaredUp Dashboard Server.

Dashboard Server: Working with the PowerShell tile

Not many dashboarding tools give you the power to visualize PowerShell scripts - but we do! Read to see how the PowerShell tile works in Dashboard Server.

The top 10 problems with SCOM and how to fix them fast

SCOM may be powerful, but it’s tricky to unearth the valuable data it holds to get to what really matters. See these easy fixes to SCOM's top 10 problems.

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Dashboard Server: Working with the WebAPI tile
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Working with the WebAPI tile – tips & tricks
Dashboard Server

With the free Dashboard Server, you can connect to just about any data source you can imagine and build beautiful #dashboards in just a few minutes! 😎

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Read this blog post to find out how to connect to any #SQL database and run a #SQL query straight from SquaredUp Dashboard Server!

About 4 hours ago

Check out this case study from NTT Cloud Communications to find out how they used SquaredUp to get everyone within their IT organization looking at the same data and deliver better #dashboards to management! πŸ‘Œ

About 8 hours ago

SquaredUp 5.1 is available to download! This latest update includes new visualizations for #SQL and #Azure #LogAnalytics and timeframe variables in #PowerShell, #WebAPI, and #SQL tiles! 😎 Find out more and download the latest release here πŸ‘‡

About 12 hours ago

Collate critical information from anywhere on a single dashboard using SquaredUp Dashboard Server’s many integration options. Watch this video and find out how to use the Web API tile to connect to almost any REST API πŸ‘‡

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Check out this article to learn how to create an #Azure cost management #dashboard that displays cost distribution among #Cloud resources and share it with stakeholders! πŸ™Œ

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