Get the full picture with SquaredUp's ServiceNow Tile (Part 2)

Learn all about how the ServiceNow tile works, plus some handy tips and tricks!

Set up Availability Monitoring from the End Users Perspective

Keep on top of your end-user’s experience by monitoring your apps with this useful tool.

Get ServiceNow data alongside SCOM, Pingdom and more

All the data from your third party tools in one place.

Why SCOM needs SquaredUp: Performance monitoring reporting

Get better reporting on performance monitoring, with SCOM and SquaredUp.

SquaredUp 5.0 is coming

Get that single-pane-of-glass monitoring dashboard, quickly and easily, with the latest version of SquaredUp!

Get detail AND insight from your metrics

A SCOM NOC dashboard with drilldowns and custom perspectives. Find the root cause and identify problems before they happen!

Get the full picture with SquaredUp’s ServiceNow Tile (Part 1)
Reduce monitoring silos with SquaredUp WebAPI and SQL tiles
Design a dashboard with metrics that matter to you
Add context to your dashboards from SQL data sources
How to automatically map your applications and easily fix server issues
Communicate with Service Status Messaging
Share application status with the Business

Open Access is one of our most popular features, and SquaredUp 5.0 takes it to the next level. Now fully interactive like the rest of our dashboards, you can see the next level of detail you’ve been wanting, and share it with your team 🙌
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SquaredUp for #SCOM dashboards like this are essential whilst working remotely. In our 'Live Demo with Q&A' webinar, we'll show how you can create and publish dashboards to #monitor your apps + deliver remote visibility of critical systems. Register here 👉
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#Monitoring data is not always metric – in fact, most of the data stored in #Azure Monitor is in Logs. SquaredUp lets you visualize your Logs data with a #KQL query so you can extract value from your data and use it practically. Try for free:
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See how SquaredUp makes performance monitoring reporting easy. You can even pull data from any SQL database, plus export to Excel! #scom #monitoring #doitwithsquaredup
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Put yourself in control with our 360° application dashboards for Microsoft #Azure!
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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with SCOM. But have you tried it with SquaredUp? See how SquaredUp can unleash SCOM’s full potential! #scom #systctr #monitoring
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