Getting on top of your SCOM alerts

This week, Matthew Long and Richard Benwell discuss an age old topic in Systems Center Operations Manager: the difference between Monitors and Alert Rules.

What's new in SquaredUp v3.2?
Introducing our WebAPI tile and ServiceNow integration

Join SquaredUp's Engineering team, for a look at using the Web API tiles to integrate with external data sources, including other monitoring products.

How to migrate from SquaredUp v2 to v3

Matthew Long is joined by Andrew Harris from SquaredUp's Support, Test, and Systems team to discuss migration from SquaredUp version 2 to version 3.

Free PowerShell monitoring management pack - download now!

After much work, we’re pleased to announce that our PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack is now publicly available and ready for download!

Announcing an exciting new license edition
7 great reasons to integrate your SCOM and OMS data
v3.2: Massive performance improvements
v3.2: A new Open Access engine
Cross-platform monitoring with NiCE
How to use our performance reporting features
SCOM: Visio integration with SquaredUp
v3.2 release webinar recording

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If you’re used to using the #SCOM console to build #dashboards, we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the ease and speed with which you can build and publish #HTML5 dashboards using SquaredUp's Dashboard Designer! 🙌
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Read this awesome blog post for an insider’s look into the 6 steps we took to regain control of our #Azure spend at SquaredUp, and how you can do the same! 🙌
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Check out this case study to find out how the Command Center at @UMBBank, a leading provider of financial services, got the big picture overview they always wanted with after deploying SquaredUp for #SCOM! 🚀
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A question we often get asked is: What exactly is a REST API, and how does it work? 🤔 To aid our IT friends in navigating this new terrain, we have written up a blog series explaining REST APIs! 🙌
About 4 days ago