What is Azure VM Insights?

Learn about what VM Insights can do, how to enable it, and some common issues.

Azure Monitor Agents: their different functions

What are different Azure Monitor Agents? Which is best fit for your purpose?

SCOMathon 2020: Can virtual events actually be better than face-to-face ones?

What are the key elements that make an event successful? Can virtual events be better than face-to-face ones?

Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news

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SCOMathon 2020 – A big thank you

Thank you SCOM Community, for making the biggest virtual SCOM event in history such a great success!

Aggregating and Visualizing Data with Kusto

Learn how to use aggregation functions, visualize query results and put your data into context.

6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure spend at SquaredUp
Azure Dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure Portal (Part 3 – Azure Cost Management)
Azure dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure portal (Part 2 – Application Insights)
Coffee break: Citrix Monitoring with GripMatix
Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news
Azure dashboards: Azure Portal vs. SquaredUp (Part 1 – VMInsights)
Azure Portal vs SquaredUp: a 3-part series

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