SCOMathon 2020: Can virtual events actually be better than face-to-face ones?

What are the key elements that make an event successful? Can virtual events be better than face-to-face ones?

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SCOMathon 2020 – A big thank you

Thank you SCOM Community, for making the biggest virtual SCOM event in history such a great success!

Aggregating and Visualizing Data with Kusto

Learn how to use aggregation functions, visualize query results and put your data into context.

6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure spend at SquaredUp

Get an insider’s look into how we took control of our Azure costs, and how you can do the same.

Azure Dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure Portal (Part 3 – Azure Cost Management)

SquaredUp cost management dashboards offer better visualizations and shareability than the native Azure portal. Here's how.

Azure dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure portal (Part 2 – Application Insights)
Coffee break: Citrix Monitoring with GripMatix
Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news
Azure dashboards: Azure Portal vs. SquaredUp (Part 1 – VMInsights)
Azure Portal vs SquaredUp: a 3-part series
A note of appreciation from our CEO - Business Continuity Edition
Tips from the field: Managing costs in Azure

Learn how to easily create actionable #dashboards with personalized task lists for your team, or a list of problems to fix 🙌
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Have you ever stopped to wonder who has better #dashboarding capabilities, SquaredUp or #Grafana? Well wonder no more as we investigate both tools in this comparative blog 👇
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Calling all #Kusto users 👋 In this article we discuss table joins, the let statement and custom logs in #Log #Analytics. Check it out:
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Searching for #SCOM Stardom? Read these top 20 Operations Manager tips by MVP @MrTaoYang!
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