SquaredUp 4.3 is now available for download!

    We are delighted to announce the availability of SquaredUp version 4.3. It brings quality improvements, cool new features, bug fixes...

    What is Azure VM Insights?

    Learn about what VM Insights can do, how to enable it, and some common issues.

    Azure Monitor Agents: their different functions

    What are different Azure Monitor Agents? Which is best fit for your purpose?

    New leaders aboard our expanding ship!

    Get to know Tim Critchley (COO) and John Shaw (CPO) through this exclusive interview, where they discuss their motivations and future plans for SquaredUp.

    SCOMathon 2020

    What are the key elements that make an event successful? Can virtual events be better than face-to-face ones?

    SCOMathon 2020 – A big thank you

    Thank you SCOM Community, for making the biggest virtual SCOM event in history such a great success!

    Aggregating and Visualizing Data with Kusto

    Learn how to use aggregation functions, visualize query results and put your data into context using Kusto.

    6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure spend at SquaredUp

    Get an insider’s look into how we took control of our Azure costs, and how you can do the same.

    Azure Dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure Portal (Part 3 – Azure Cost Management)

    Azure Cost Management vs. SquaredUp. SquaredUp's Azure dashboards give you higher visibility over your Azure costs than Azure's native solution.

    Coffee break: Citrix Monitoring with GripMatix

    Learn about viable alternatives to the Citrix SCOM MPs that will be EOL as of June 2020.

    Azure dashboards: SquaredUp vs. Azure portal (Part 2 – Application Insights)

    SquaredUp's Azure dashboards give you much more visibility into your applications than Azure's native solution – with just a few clicks. Find out how.

    Azure dashboards: Azure Portal vs. SquaredUp (Part 1 – VMInsights)

    Why pick SquaredUp's dashboards over those you can build natively in Azure? See the difference in terms of health status, performance and cost analysis.

    Azure Portal vs SquaredUp: a 3-part series

    See how SquaredUp dashboards for Azure stack up against the offerings of the Azure Portal.

    A note of appreciation from our CEO – Business Continuity Edition

    Dear SCOM community, It’s been 8 weeks since we launched the free Business Continuity edition (BCE) of our SCOM dashboard product, and I’m glad to see that many community members have taken us up on the offer. The early feedback we received was encouraging and heartening, and we are happy to have helped ease the...

    Tips from the field: Managing costs in Azure

    Strategically lower your Azure costs by following these 10 practical tips.

    SquaredUp 4.6 for Azure and SCOM is now available!

    We are delighted to announce the latest versions of our Azure and SCOM products. In this blog I’ll share the highlights of what’s new, including an update to Open Access which is now available in both Light and Dark themes! This unprecedented time has changed our ways of working at SquaredUp. Everyone has settled into...

    Coffee Break: SCOM Update Rollup 1

    What does the SCOM Update Rollup 1 entail? SCOM experts break it down for you.

    Integrating SquaredUp with external APIs: Uptimerobot

    Integrating SquaredUp with external APIs: Uptimerobot by Bert Pinoy, Freelance IT Consultant and Infrastructure Engineer.

    How to visualize free disk space available in Azure

    Learn how to visualize free disk space in Azure using Microsoft tools and third party solutions with Cameron Fuller - System Center MVP.

    Azure Monitor (Part 9): Azure Service Health

    Learn how to monitor the health of the Azure services that are relevant to your deployments.